Murray Fitness Center Shootout Between Armed Citizen and Attempted Carjacking Suspects

by Tommy Grant

MURRAY, UT (2-minute read) – Two men from Salt Lake County are now facing federal charges for their roles in a dramatic shootout during an attempted carjacking at a local fitness center parking lot. The suspects, identified as 20-year-old Lt Col Siamelie Nick Mila and Maddyn Dean Christiansen, were indicted on charges of attempted carjacking and using a firearm during a violent crime.

The incident unfolded on the morning of April 3rd at the parking lot of EOS Fitness, located at 5550 S. 900 East. A woman in her 20s, who was targeted randomly for the car she drove, was critically injured with a gunshot wound to the abdomen as she attempted to enter her BMW. A man, also in his 20s, was later hospitalized with a chest wound after escaping the scene in another vehicle.

Federal investigators, aided by surveillance footage, revealed that the altercation began when Mila, disguised in a blonde wig, approached the victim’s car from a nearby parked black Audi. As the victim retrieved her keys, Mila brandished a firearm and demanded them. However, the woman, a concealed carry permit holder, quickly drew her own firearm and fired at Mila in defense.

The shootout resulted in Mila and his accomplice fleeing the scene in the Audi, which was later found by police with evidence of the confrontation, including a handgun, bullet holes, and blood in the passenger seat.

During police interrogation, Mila confessed that he was hired to steal a BMW and deliver it near Utah’s Capitol. He admitted to targeting the fitness center parking lot to find such a vehicle. The indictments detail that the shootout occurred when the armed Mila approached the victim and was shot as he confronted her.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in parking lots or when entering and exiting your vehicle. If you are a firearm owner, ensure you are trained and prepared to use it safely and legally in self-defense situations.

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