National Guard Is Now In NYC Subway System Because Governor Can’t Tackle Skyrocketing Crime

by Tommy Grant

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — Governor Kathy Hochul of New York announced the deployment of around 750 National Guard members and 250 state troopers and transit officers to New York City’s subway system. Their primary role is to assist the NYPD with random bag checks at busy stations. This decision follows a series of high-profile crimes in the city, leading Hochul to emphasize the importance of ensuring commuters feel safe. In addition to the National Guard, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has deployed an extra 1,000 officers to the subways.

Governor Hochul expressed her commitment to subway safety in an interview, noting that the presence of security personnel, along with surveillance cameras, would help deter criminal activities. She stated that the bag checks would be random, and those not consenting to a search would be asked to leave the subway. The focus will be on main transit hubs with high commuter volumes.

Additionally, Hochul has proposed legislation to ban individuals convicted of assaulting subway passengers from trains for three years. Addressing mental health concerns, the Governor mentioned deploying trained professionals and social workers to the subways. The duration of the National Guard’s presence is currently unspecified. However, the decision has been met with some criticism, with concerns about the effectiveness and potential overreach of these security measures.

As for the criminals, most will most likely get through without an issue. That’s too bad for riders, because New York City doesn’t believe in the right to self-defense. As it was before these new measures, you’re still on your own when it matters most.

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