New Mexico’s Two-Tier Criminal Justice System Overlooks Law-Breaking Gun Control Group…So Far

by Tommy Grant

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Last week, we shared the insane story of a gun control group in New Mexico that managed to run afoul of a lot of gun control laws. All of these were laws that the group supports, and even had a hand in helping some of them to pass. Now, we’re seeing that they’ve likely committed a number of felonies and have even admitted to violating some of them.

But state and federal authorities have done nothing so far. For some reason.

More Evidence Of Crimes In Two States and Federally

In addition to violating New Mexico’s universal background check law, it appears that New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence has committed a number of felonies in “buying back” guns, inadequately “destroying” them, and then turning them over to schools.

Here’s a social media post written confession from last year involving machine guns:

To be fair, most of these people don’t even know what constitutes an actual machine gun, but let’s take them at their word. It’s hard to tell whether they actually took unregistered machine guns across state lines, but if they say so…. Colorado also has laws prohibiting private transfers, and sales of pistols across state lines runs afoul of federal law. So, it’s really not a stretch to say that this group (who may or may not be comprised of just one poorly educated woman) has committed dozens of gun crimes.

On top of that, here’s something else they say they did in New Mexico that any of the rest of us would have already been cuffed and charged for . . .

This one is particularly fun. The rifle was taken in this condition to a local school with the receiver completely intact. It also appears that they’ve cut the barrel down, illegally making an SBR. Taking this weapon to a school is a state felony and making an unregistered and untaxed SBR is at least one more federal crime.

Instead of going through and listing every legally intact (per BATFE rules) firearm in the picture below, I’ll let readers decide how many felonies were committed when these guns were taken to a New Mexico school . . .

Officials Have Done Nothing

Despite the long list of crimes that have clearly been committed, nothing has happened to anyone at NMPGV yet.

Instead of prosecuting this misguided gun control group’s members for the crimes they’ve clearly committed, I’d rather we use them as an example for why these laws all need to be repealed.

They’re complicated. They’re useless. They are so out of touch with reality that even people who hate guns can get wrapped up in committing them. But, if these laws are going to stay on the books, those who wanted them should be subject to them every bit as much as gun owners people are.


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