New Products: Leica’s New Rangefinder Offers Ballistic Calculation Features

by Tommy Grant

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Leica, the German optics manufacturer, has unveiled its newest product, the Rangemaster CRF Pro. This third-generation monocular is designed to enhance the precision of shooters and hunters with its advanced laser rangefinding capabilities and integrated ballistic calculations.

The Rangemaster CRF Pro stands out for its exceptional optical quality, which benefits from Leica’s extensive experience in optics. It features a system that corrects stray light and reflexes, ensuring high contrast and image reproduction. This addition aims to set a new standard for handheld optical devices.

For the first time in its Rangemaster line, Leica has included an Applied Ballistics calculator in the CRF Pro. This feature, along with sensors that measure barometric pressure, temperature, and angle, offers shooters the ability to make highly accurate ballistic corrections. The device’s laser rangefinder can measure distances up to 2,800 yards (2,600 meters) with remarkable accuracy and speed, essential for both close and long-range precision shooting.

The CRF Pro also enhances user experience with its connectivity features, allowing it to integrate smoothly with Kestrel® devices, Garmin® watches, and the Leica Ballistics App. This provides users with real-time updates on wind, speed, and ballistics data, crucial for tracking targets under various conditions.

Despite its advanced technology, the CRF Pro remains compact and lightweight, designed for the ease of carrying during long hunts. Its ergonomic design includes a two-button operation for simplicity and a bright LED display for clear visibility in bright conditions.

Daniel Esquinas, interim director of Sport Optics at Leica, emphasized that the CRF Pro represents a significant advancement in long-range precision shooting. The device aims to provide hunters and shooters with reliable, accurate results, even in challenging environments.

The Leica Rangemaster CRF Pro is available for purchase at a price of $799, marking it as a premium offering in the field of precision shooting aids.

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