New Wave of Oppression Begins for Gun Owners in New Year

by Tommy Grant

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While they are often billed as “common sense” and “public safety,” the gun laws passed by our government rarely achieve either. In fact, more often than not, they are merely another step toward oppressive governmental control designed to disarm a law-abiding populace and strip them of their ability to defend themselves. More blatantly, they are often a bold-faced attack on American’s constitutional rights.

No doubt, the new laws will be debated for days and months to come by those on both sides of the issue in the legislative halls, the courts, on social media and in the comments sections of websites (no doubt even this one though why the hell an anti would spend time here makes as much sense as a barbecue sandwich at a Bar Mitzvah other than to troll the righteous.)

But for better or worse, with the start of 2024, a number of states have implemented significant changes to their gun laws. The new laws encompass a range of measures, from restricting gun possession in public places and furthering attacks on the Secoond Amendment to the introduction of red-flag laws, expanded background checks and bans on certain types of otherwise perfectly useful, legit and otherwise legal firearms. Here’s a summary of what is playing out so far and what could affect you if you live in one of these states.

California’s Public Carry Restrictions

As covered yesterday on TTAG, California has implemented restrictions on carrying firearms in most public places, following a federal appeals court ruling. The law, initially—and rightfully—blocked by a lower court judge, lists over two dozen locations, including libraries and sports venues, where carrying firearms is prohibited.

Expansion of Red Flag Laws in Minnesota and Michigan

Minnesota has become the 20th state to enact a red flag law, allowing family members and law enforcement to request temporary removal of firearms from individuals deemed dangerous. The Associated Press reports that similarly, Michigan next month will introduce a red flag law, along with more expansive background checks and a safe gun storage requirement in homes with children. Interestingly red flag laws are touted as a powerful tool to stop gun violence before it happens, but an Associated Press analysis last year found that they are barely used in the states where they exist. Even worse is the potential to misuse these laws without any due process by spouses in divorce disputes or unfriendly neighbors simply to make life difficult for those they are not in agreement with.

Washington State’s Waiting Period and Forced Training

Washington State is now extending its 10-day waiting period to cover all gun purchases, not just semi-autos, which already had a waiting period. Additionally, buyers must demonstrate completion of a safety training program within the last five years or prove exemption from training requirements. While firearms training is a great idea and honestly, a lot of fun, this makes gun ownership the only constitutionally guaranteed right for Washingtonians that they have to take a class on before they can exercise their right! The lawyers are going to go to the mat on this one before it’s over.

Illinois and Colorado’s Bans

Illinois has banned high-powered semi-auto rifles and high-capacity mags, while Colorado is prohibiting so-called “ghost guns” – firearms assembled at home or 3D-printed without serial numbers. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to block Illinois’ law but recently blocked a similar law in California, which makes little sense, but is sadly, where we are as the new year rolls in…or rather should we say rolls over gun owner rights.

(Editor’s Note: One thing is clear, the attacks on gun rights are only going to continue. So, it’s going to be more important than ever that every gun owner out there make sure their voices are heard and support their state-level and nationally focused gun rights groups who collectively can hire the lawyers needed and exert the political pressure necessary to defend the future of gun ownership in America.)

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