Norma Announces the Xtreme LR-22 Long Range, High Performance Rimfire Load

by Tommy Grant


You don’t generally associate the venerable .22 LR round with long range or precision bullet design but that’s exactly what Norma is promising with their new Xtreme LR-22 load. While it’s still a lead bullet it uses a special “rocket tail” design to improve aerodynamics that help it maintain velocities and remain stable at longer ranges. How long you ask? Well, they’re saying out beyond 500 yards! That seems crazy for a .22 LR to me but I’m betting they can back that up. Bullet weight is a relatively heavy 43 grains and velocity is listed at 1165 fps. MSRP for a box of 50 is $24.39; not inexpensive, but this is specialty precision ammo, not plinking fodder. Check out the details from Norma below:



Norma’s rimfire cartridges are made for perfect performance in every category. With our new Xtreme LR-22, we take rimfire long-range precision to a new level. The patented bullet design features an elongated bullet tip for improved aerodynamics and a world’s first rocket tail. The streamlined base causes less negative pressure at the tail, which is the main reason for the deceleration of a projectile. As a result, the projectile maintains speed over longer distances and produces an unmatched accuracy round after round. In combination with higher velocity, the bullet has a flat and stable trajectory, which makes it the perfect choice for long range target shooting. In addition, the increased weight of the bullet also leads to a lower crosswind sensitivity. Due to these improved flight characteristics, the cartridge sets a new standard of precision at distances beyond 500+ yards. 



  • New patented bullet design with elongated tip and rocket tail makes Xtreme LR-22 perfect for long-range shooting. 
  • Streamlined base for stable and flat trajectory. 
  • High velocity cartridge for shooting beyond 500+ yards. 
  • Consistent speed and grouping. 
  • New bullet design with better flight characteristics for improved long range precision. 
  • Ideal for shooting distances beyond 500+ yards. 

Norma Xtreme .22LR

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