Oaksong at KOS: The Second Amendment is Only for the Benefit of Whites and ‘Whiteism’

by Tommy Grant

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All this nonsense about being able to preserve the country from some imaginary tyranny is just that, nonsense. The NRA and the Far Right have been shilling nonsense about the meaning of the 2nd Amendment for years in order go (sic) further their aims. The NRA wants to sell guns. The Right wants to play battle games in the woods. The deadly result is that more children die from bullets than from any other cause. And the United States is the only 1st world country to endure this distinction.

We know a certain portion of the population is no longer amenable to logic or facts. So the best alternative is to create laws that properly control what guns are legal and who can own them.

A recent test in Texas, where gun ownership is next to godliness had a white man stand on the side of the road with an AR 15. The cops drove by and waved. They then had a black man stand in the same place. He was quickly arrested, although he had broken no laws. So, the law is purely for the convenience of the White population, or more precisely, the White Nationalist population. I was at a downtown street fair in Austin a few years ago when a group 20 men armed with AR 15s strolled through the crowd. They weren’t there to protect anyone, they were just stroking their egos.

If these arguments about the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment were held to the test of strict originalism, then these so-called militias would be happy to hold a single shot flintlock, a bag of shot, and a powderhorn. That would be appropriate for the times in which the article was written. Maybe the law is not being properly interpreted.

— “Oaksong” in Whiteism, 2FA, and Slavery

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