Offer Up Deal Gone Wrong: Armed Man Tries To Steal Balenciaga Shoes

by Tommy Grant

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — A man named Taber Carter, known online as “Turbo,” was arrested for attempting to steal Balenciaga shoes during a meetup arranged through the Offer Up app. The seller, attempting to sell her red and silver Balenciaga sneakers, agreed to meet Carter at a 7-Eleven, but he initially failed to appear.

Subsequently, the seller and her mother went to a T-Mobile store, where Carter contacted her to finalize the location. Upon meeting, Carter brandished a weapon resembling a black Glock, demanding the shoes. In a quick struggle, the seller managed to retrieve one shoe as Carter fled in his car. He momentarily returned to demand the other shoe but departed when the seller informed him it was locked in her car.

The police later apprehended Carter following a chase. Oklahoma City Police have since advised the public to conduct such transactions in well-surveilled, public places, recommending local police stations as ideal locations for these exchanges.

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