Ohio: Gun Crimes Drop Following Passage of Permitless Carry

by Tommy Grant

A new study conducted by the Center for Justice Research in partnership with Bowling Green State University found contrary to concerns by left-leaning politicians that gun crime has indeed gone down—not up—in six of the state’s eight largest cities since the state passed permitless carry in June 2022.

According to 19 News, the study focused on crimes involving firearms, verified gunshot detection alerts and the number of police officers struck by gunfire. The study found:

  • Gun crimes decreased overall in the eight cities when numbers were combined.
  • Gun crimes declined as much as 22% in one city (Parma) and 18 percent in two cities (Toledo and Akron).
  • Dayton (6%) and Cincinnati (5%) were the only two specific cities that saw increases in gun crimes.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who commissioned the study, noted that these numbers shouldn’t downplay the “very real problem of gun violence in our cities” but added, “…the key takeaway here is that we need to focus on criminals, not responsible gun owners.”

Wonder if any other state’s attorney generals are listening?

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