Prosecutor Declines To Press Charges Against Woman Who Shot And Killed Man During Domestic Dispute

by Tommy Grant

In a case from Saginaw, Michigan, no criminal charges will be filed against a woman who fatally shot a man in what has been ruled as self-defense. The incident involved the death of 27-year-old DaShawn M. Skinner, who was shot during a domestic dispute.

The Saginaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Blair N. Stevenson, announced in December that after reviewing police and autopsy reports, Skinner’s death was deemed justifiable homicide. This decision was made considering the evidence and circumstances surrounding the incident.

According to police reports, the incident occurred on May 10 at approximately 6:30 p.m. in a house on Brookwood Lane North. The woman, who resided there, called 911 to report that she had shot Skinner. She told the authorities that following the shooting, she sought refuge at a neighbor’s house.

When police and paramedics arrived, Skinner was found alive with a gunshot wound to his upper abdomen. He was transported to Ascension St. Mary’s hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The woman, after waiving her Miranda rights, was taken to the police headquarters for an interview. She recounted that her relationship with Skinner had been strained due to his deceitful behavior, including a fabricated story involving a car being towed and needing money. On the day of the shooting, an argument erupted between them, which escalated throughout the day.

The situation intensified when Skinner returned to the woman’s house to charge his phone. According to the woman, Skinner’s erratic behavior, including punching walls and a physical altercation, led her to fear for her safety. In the midst of being choked by Skinner, she managed to grab her 9mm handgun and shot him once in self-defense, as he did not heed her warnings to stop.

Evidence including the gun, ammunition, and the bullet was collected by the police. The woman also allowed the police to search her phone and agreed to a polygraph test. She was not arrested or jailed following the incident.

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