Real Tales of Self-Defense: Floored in Virginia

by Tommy Grant

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A flooring company crew was installing a hardwood floor inside a second-floor condominium in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in October when a woman who lived downstairs called the police around 8:30 a.m. complaining about the noise they were making. When the police arrived, according to WAVY 10 News, they told the woman they couldn’t stop the men because they weren’t doing anything wrong performing the job at the time they were working.

According to the flooring company owner, the woman returned after police left and told the crew she was going to call somebody else who would do something about the noise. An hour later, a man showed up and began beating up one of the contractors. When the contractor tried putting his attacker in a headlock to defend himself, the man pulled out a gun. At that point, another member of the flooring crew pulled his own firearm, warned the guy to drop his gun, and when he refused, shot him. The crew then called for help and remained on the scene, according to WAVY 10.

“At this point all available evidence indicates the individual who fired the gun was using justified force to defend himself,” the Virginia Beach Police Department said in a statement. “There are no pending criminal charges currently.”


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