Remington Bullet Knife 2024: The Waterfowler

by Tommy Grant

Remington recently announced the 2024 version of an absolute classic. The Remington Bullet Knife Waterfowler renews the iconic Remington-branded blade. The 2024 version comes in a multi-blade package sure to warm up any duck hunter’s heart.

2024 Remington Bullet Knife – The Waterfowler

The Waterfowler, made in the USA, comprises the next iteration of Remington’s limited-edition collectible. It features a 1095 Carbon Steel Clip point blade, long spey partially-serrated blade and birding gut hook. The genuine jigged bone handle features an inlayed nickel, silver bullet shield.

“With only a limited quantity produced, the 2024 edition is a must-have for avid collectors and enthusiasts alike,” said Remington Cutlery Director Danny Evans. “The Bullet Knife has long been revered as one of the most-collected knives of all time, and this latest edition is sure to continue that legacy.”

Remington also partnered with award-winning wildlife artist Scot Storm to produce an annual painting celebrating each year’s new Bullet Knife. The 2024 Waterfowler painting, entitled “Tangled Moment,” highlights a father and son caught by surprise by an inbound flight of cupped wings waterfowl.

The Bullet Knife retails for $149.99. Find out more at

Editor’s Take:

There’s just something about the execution each and every year captured by the iconic Remington Bullet Knife. We’ve gotten our paws on a ton of Remington blades over the years, from field models to tactical to concealed carry and more. But at a very basic level, one dripping with cold mornings, coffee grinds and the smell of a wood stove, the Bullet Knife takes us back to whatever outdoor adventures that first captured our collective imaginations. I’m sure there are better blades, or this or that out there. But the Bullet Knife does more than just cut things, it helps us remember.

But make no mistake, this keepsake is a working everyday classically-styled knife as well. It would wear well in a pocket everyday, ready for the basic chores of life. We highly recommend!

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