RIP Gaston Glock

by Tommy Grant

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Gaston Glock, inventor of the GLOCK 17 handgun that won a military contract and changed the gun world in the 1980s, is dead today at age 94. He took a company that once made curtain rods and knives and applied his knowledge of polymer injection molding, forever changing the handgun market.

The company said . . .

Following this guiding principle, our founder, Gaston Glock not only revolutionized the world of small arms in the 1980s, but also succeeded in establishing the GLOCK brand as the global leader in the handgun industry. His internationally renowned GLOCK Perfection stands for uncompromising quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Gaston Glock charted the strategic direction of the GLOCK Group throughout his life and prepared it for the future. His life’s work will continue in his spirit.

Glock’s name will be remembered with the likes of Colt, Browning, Stoner, Kalashnikov, and other firearms innovation greats.

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