Rossi Announces Two New R95 Lever Guns, the Triple Black and Laminate Models

by Tommy Grant

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Responding to the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts, Rossi USA proudly introduces two exciting additions to its renowned R95 series: the Triple Black and the Laminate models. These new variants offer distinct finishes to cater to individual preferences while sharing key features that enhance the shooting experience.

Rossi USA unveils the R95 Triple Black and Laminate models, providing shooters with a choice of finishes to suit their style without compromising on functionality.

Key Features:

  • Black Cerakote Finish (Triple Black) / Laminated Wood Finish (Laminate): Choose between the sleek black Cerakote finish for all-weather conditions on the Triple Black model or the visually striking laminated wood finish on the Laminate model.
  • Peep Hole Sight on Picatinny Rail: Enhance accuracy with the integrated peep hole sight on the Picatinny rail, common to both models.
  • Windage Drift Adjustable Front Sight: Achieve optimal precision with the windage drift adjustable front sight, catering to individual shooting preferences in both models.
  • Threaded Barrel (Triple Black): Customize your shooting experience with the threaded barrel on the Triple Black model, ready for suppressors or muzzle brakes.
  • Medium Loop Lever, Paracord Wrapped (Triple Black): The medium loop lever, paracord wrapped for enhanced grip, adds a unique touch to the Triple Black model.

  • Soft Touch Recoil Pad (Laminate): Experience enhanced comfort and reduced recoil with the soft touch recoil pad on the Laminate model.
  • Tube Magazine with 5 Rounds Capacity: Enjoy ample firepower with the tube magazine boasting a 5-round capacity, ensuring reliability in the field for both models.
  • Sling Mounts / Sling Stud Mounts: Conveniently carry your firearm with integrated sling mounts (Triple Black) or built-in sling stud mounts (Laminate), adding versatility to your shooting experience.


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