Savage Announces the New KLYM Series of Straight-Pull Rifles

by Tommy Grant

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From Savage Arms . . .

Savage Arms has continued to raise the bar in factory hunting rifles by incorporating new technologies and forming strategic partnerships. The KLYM series is the latest evolution and brings new performance to rifles designed for the highest treks and most remote backcountry hunts. This innovative line of rifles featuring exclusive partnerships with PROOF Research and Fine Ballistic Tools (FBT) includes the proven 110 and Impulse platforms.

Savage has made a commitment to designing and building rifles for the modern hunter and shooter. These offerings need to feature innovation and advancements in development without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. The KLYM series offers some of the lightest, toughest rifles available to hunters today.

“The KLYM line truly is revolutionary for big game hunting,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage. “PROOF and FBT helped take us to the next level. Hunters accustomed to long hunts and backcountry expeditions that span multiple days and numerous climbs will appreciate the lightweight platform that maintains the ultimate in accuracy and reliability. Everything about this rifle was made to perform as it stands up to the elements and puts the latest technologies in these comprehensive big game rifles.”

Each KLYM offering features an exclusive carbon fiber wrapped, steel cut and 5/8×24 threaded barrel from PROOF research. When combined with the FBT custom carbon fiber stock, these rifles will allow hunters to go further and hunt harder with less weight. The stocks also include one-button adjustable comb height, two sling studs and a Magnaswitch system installed.

For the ultimate in accuracy and functionality in the field, the 110 KLYM options include a user-adjustable 1.5-4 lb. AccuTrigger, tang safety, blueprinted action, drilled and tapped receiver (8-40) and a one-piece picatinny scope rail. Available calibers include options from 6.5 Creedmoor to .300 WSM. The full list is available at

The Impulse platform continues to expand and Savage’s American-made straight-pull rifle is now available in more configurations to accommodate hunters and shooters of all types. With light-weight accuracy, unbelievably strong and durable buttstock and forend and the lightning-fast straight-pull action, the Impulse KLYM truly raises the bar and creates a rifle unmatched for big game hunting. The Impulse KLYM is also available in calibers from 6.5 Creedmoor to .300 WSM to allow hunters to pursue a wide variety of big game.

Part No. / Description / MSRP

58097 / 110 KLYM, 6.5 Creedmoor/ $2,699

58098 / 110 KLYM, 308 Winchester/ $2,699

58099 / 110 KLYM, 6.5 PRC/ $2,699

58100 / 110 KLYM, 7mm PRC/ $2,699

58101 / 110 KLYM, 300 Win Mag/ $2,699

58102 / 110 KLYM, 300 WSM/ $2,699

58103 / Impulse KLYM, 6.5 Creedmoor/ $3,299

58104 / Impulse KLYM, 308 Winchester/ $3,299

58105 / Impulse KLYM, 6.5 PRC/ $3,299

58106 / Impulse KLYM, 7mm PRC/ $3,299

58107 / Impulse KLYM, 300 Win Mag/ $3,299

58108 / Impulse KLYM, 300 WSM/ $3,299

To learn more about the KLYM series and Savage’s complete line of firearms, visit

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