Schlichter: Give Your Kids Toy Guns Because Firearms Mean Real World Freedom and Equity

by Tommy Grant

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All through human history, the weak – like her and the sissy biological males who simp for this type of woman – have been at the mercy of the strong. And strong means physically strong, not just loud, shrill, and grating. Chairman Mao, whom these people no doubt admire in every other context, observed that power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist mass murderer at least had that right. Power used to be the sole domain of the biggest and the strongest men.

The guy who could swing that broadsword ruled over both the weaker men, and the women, who could not – no appeal, no negotiation. Put away these dumb modern cliches of 110-pound waifs taking on human ogres weighing in at three times their mass. Size matters. Or, rather, it matters when guns are not in the equation.

The modern gun – an effective, reliable, and affordable tool that one can operate capably with some basic training – changed that reality. Suddenly, that 300-pound berserker was no longer necessarily the undisputed boss because a 120-pound lady with a Glock could put him down. And a bunch of citizens with weapons could deter or defeat the forces of the local warlord. Just ask Great Britain. The invention and dissemination of modern firearms was a revolution in human liberty. The fact is that a gun is freedom. It is freedom from the tyranny of size and mass. You want equity? Buy a .45.

And dumb people like Demanding Mom want to undo that.

Remarkably, they believe that somehow stripping the physically weaker of the means to protect themselves from the physically stronger will result in…well, a world that looks just like their status quo. What she and her affluent ilk claim they are seeking is the kind of society we normals generally have already, one that is pretty much (though not completely) safe outside of the savage Democrat inner city hellscapes where the vast majority of violence happens.

If you live in her neighborhood, the chances of someone being murdered, by guns or anything else, are statistically insignificant. Yet what she alleges she wants, via disarming you, is that in her neighborhood the chances of someone being murdered, by guns or anything else, be nearly statistically insignificant. Except it already is. …

When you let your kid play with toy guns, you teach your kid about what an adult’s responsibilities are. Fighting bad people is one of them. And your kids are going to be covering for a lot of social freeloaders when they do. Her kids Kaden nor Ashliegh will ever carry their weight by carrying an AR15 – they are on the pre-school fast track to some Ivy League conformity factory. But your kid will, because your kid is going to be awesome. You will teach your kids starting young that they must be citizen-warriors. Then you will teach them to shoot real guns, and they will want to learn, because shooting guns is what free adults do. 

Those with guns and the skill and will to use them will always rule. The “use your inside voice” fantasies of a nanny state controlled not by legitimate violence but by the nagging and hectoring of wine women can only last so long. So teach your kids early, because either they will be armed and rule themselves, or disarmed with someone else ruling them.

— Kurt Schlichter in Buy Your Kids Toy Guns This Christmas

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