SHOT Show 2024: Avidity Arms PD10 Chambered in 30 Super Carry

by Tommy Grant

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I really like the Avidity Arms PD10, reviewed HERE, but I must admit that in today’s CCW pistol market many of us have come to expect a higher round count. This is part of why Federal and Avidity Arms have just announced the PD10 chambered in 30 Super Carry, resulting in a 12-round capacity of this pistol round designed specifically for self defense. The press release follows:

Federal Ammunition Collaborates With Avidity Arms On Their New PD10 Handgun Chambered in 30 Super Carry

ANOKA, Minnesota – January 2024 – Federal Ammunition is proud to announce its collaboration with Avidity Arms on their new PD10 handgun chambered in 30 Super Carry (30SC). This new firearm will be showcased and on display at the 2024 SHOT Show (Booth No. 11838), January 23–26 at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The self-defense market is a driving force behind new gun ownership. When considering what the market is looking for when it comes to self-defense, our consumers have told us that concealability; comfort in carrying; ability to shoot; 9mm performance; and higher round-count capacity are what matters most,” said Nick Sachse, Federal’s Handgun Ammunition Product Director. “I’m excited about the 30SC PD10 collaboration because both products are explicitly designed for defense.”

Federal’s 30 Super Carry cartridge provides the power of the 9mm Luger with comparable felt recoil. The .312-inch diameter projectile carries the same energy as 9mm Luger at the muzzle and with much better ballistics than 380 Auto. 

“It’s exciting for Avidity Arms to be working with Federal Ammunition on this project. I was never skeptical of the 30 Super Carry’s performance ever since it first came out, and it makes a lot of sense for these two products to come together,” said President of Avidity Arms Rob Pincus. “The performance and features of both the pistol and the round offers what people have been asking for, and what I think people need, in regard to armed personal defense. People who want to be prepared to defend themselves and those they care about with a handgun need to learn more about both the PD10 Pistol and 30 Super Carry Ammunition.”

Avidity Arms’ new 30 Super Carry Semi-automatic, striker-fired PD Pistol has a capacity of 12+1. It features a 4-inch barrel, has an overall length of 6.94-inches, an overall weight of 18.8-ounces and many impressive design features. It carries the tagline of ‘Designed for Defense’. Learn more at

With a higher capacity than the 9mm but with similar muzzle blast, recoil, and terminal performance, 30 Super Carry offers a decided advantage. Learn more at:

For more information on all products from Federal, visit

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