SHOT Show 2024: The Glock 49

by Tommy Grant

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The Glock 19X honestly never made sense to me. Who wants a long grip and a short barrel? All the downsides of a tough-to-conceal firearm and none of the benefits of a longer slide. When Glock dropped the Glock 49, it finally made sense. The Glock 49 isn’t revolutionary, but it does represent a model shooters have wanted for a long time.

The Glock 49 – The One We’ve Waited For

The Glock 49 utilizes a Glock 17 length slide, or Glock 47 to be specific, with a Glock 19 frame. The shorter grip is easier to conceal, and the longer barrel allows for a longer sight radius and higher velocity, as well as more control overall. The M49 series will be an MOS gun with the Glock-optic system in place.

The Glock 49 was present at range day and performed exactly as you’d expect a Glock to perform. It’s clean and crisp, with the same Glock trigger we’ve all grown up on. It’s also boringly reliable and quite accurate. The gun was easy to handle with low recoil, and dropping multiple rounds on multiple targets didn’t feel too tough.

The Glock 49 falls into the Gen 5 series of guns and delivers all those Gen 5 treats, like the Glock Marksman Barrel, the front and rear serrations, the high-visibility follower and more. It’s a Glock, and we kind of know what we are getting with a Glock.

It might not be fancy, but it will perform and perform well. They are the most proven firearms currently on the market and dominate it for a reason. To me, this will likely be one of the best options for those who desire a full-sized handgun without all the full-sized penalties. The penalty you pay is two fewer rounds when compared to the full-size frame. It should be hitting the market as I type this, and maybe it will outsell that Glock 19X.

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