St. Louis Apartment Dweller Shoots Naked Man in Self-Defense

by Tommy Grant
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What’s worse than a dude breaking into your home? Could be a naked dude breaking into your home.

Fox 2 now in St. Louis is reporting a resident was forced to shoot a man breaking into his apartment in the middle of the afternoon Friday, April 5.

Police told the news station the suspect “broke through the wall” of the victim’s apartment. He didn’t bust through a window, which might have been easier; he didn’t kick down a door, the modus operandi of gang bangers and SWAT teams alike. He flat out busted through the wall like the Kool-Aid man—a naked one—or Steven Tyler in the Run DMC/Aerosmith video “Walk This Way.”

But this cat wasn’t singing “hey diddle diddle with a kitty in the middle,” he was apparently threatening to kill the resident and his family.

Somewhere in the confrontation that ensued—details are still murky—the 36-year-old resident grabbed a handgun and shot the 32-year-old intruder in his left hand. Apparently, that was enough to make him chill the heck out, because when police arrived, the naked guy with a hole in his hand was still there, but no longer chasing anyone around. He was taken into custody, and while police are still investigating, it doesn’t appear, any charges will be forthcoming.

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