Strike Industries Releases Glock 19 Magazines

by Tommy Grant

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You can never really have enough spare magazines, but sometimes the cost of mags can limit you. While OEM mags are always a great way to go, they also generally tend to be more expensive. Fortunately, there are a lot of aftermarket options available these days, particularly for popular pistols like the Glock 19. Strike Industries just dropped a new mag for the 19 this week and it’s very affordable.

The Strike Magazine for Glock 19 has a 15-round capacity and uses a smoked translucent mag body that that lets you visually check the rounds left in your mag. It has a bright orange follower, extra power mag spring and a quick, toolless take down base plate for easy cleaning and disassembly. It also has drainage holes and there are ID markers available if you like to mark your mags. The Strike Magazine has ambidextrous magazine release cuts too, so it’ll work with any generation of Glock pistol.

If you need extra capacity the mags are compatible with Strike’s polymer and aluminum extended magazine base plates, which can kick your capacity up to 20 rounds.

The Strike Magazine’s for Glock 19 are only $11.95 each, or you can get a 5 pack of unassembled mags for $49.95. Obviously, mags need to be reliable to be worthwhile, but Strike Industries vouches they’ve tested them with a wide range of popular ammo types and at that price you can easily afford to grab a couple and try them out for yourself.

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