The Wound Report: Don’t Make Your Weekend Night One to Remember for the Wrong Reasons

by Tommy Grant

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Our hero was striking out for a night on the town and felt himself in need of some protection. Back when I worked in an urban emergency room, I was forever amazed at how much misery and chaos could have been avoided had folks simply made wiser life choices. No offense to the professional party animals in the audience, but nothing good happens outside the home at one o’clock in the morning. Had this gentleman simply remained in his crib and slept like normal folks, he and I never would have met.

The Devil is in The Details

We diehard gun nerds prattle on incessantly about the nuanced details of the ideal concealed carry arm. I have myself spilt a veritable river of ink on the subject between my time split between gun writing and working as a doctor. However, in many cases out in the real world, the defensive firearm you use is the one you have available. In this case it was a proper .357 Magnum revolver.

I have no idea about the details. The guy discarded the gun at home before making his way to the hospital. What I do know is that as he went to stuff the massive hogleg into his belt he somehow inadvertently stroked the trigger. The zippy hollowpoint bullet subsequently tracked down the lateral aspect of his right leg, leaving a curious red crease to mark its passage. However, it then collided violently with this unfortunate gentleman’s ankle.

Like women to a degree, gunshot wounds all have uniquely quirky personalities. Most handguns punch tidy holes. Despite the neatness on the outside, inside they can create the most breathtaking mischief, particularly when stoked with modern high-performance bullets. Still, the external stigmata are often not terribly impressive. By contrast, rifles, by means of hydrostatic shock or extreme pressure or whatever, will often produce fairly explosive results. Shotguns charged with most anything will, at appropriate ranges, make a guy look like he was worked over with a big honking ice cream scoop. In this case, that big 158-grain jacketed hollow-point made contact with bone. The results from a medical perspective were impressive, to say the least.

Downrange Devastation

That powerful wheelgun very nearly took that poor kid’s foot off. The offended appendage hung at an unnatural angle. What was left of his ankle structure does not bear detailed description in a family-friendly venue.

Shot placement is indeed everything. However, imagine had he been an armed assailant bent on mischief. Despite only being shot in the foot, that guy would have still just been done. I’m not for a moment suggesting that shoot-to-wound should ever be a real thing. It was simply that a magnum to the ankle can nonetheless be a wonder to behold.

As it was, we just got the poor dude stabilized and passed him off to the orthopedic residents for some proper attention. What followed was a couple of surgeries, a little hardware, and a heck of a lot of physical therapy. Eventually he would actually learn to walk again, albeit with a pronounced limp. That eternal affliction would forever serve as a reminder of this one particularly memorable night on the town, and should serve as a lesson and reminder to us all, to exercise extreme care when strapping up as well as to probably be sure to use a quality holster instead of simply tucking a loose gun into your pants.

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