Things That Don’t Suck: Hold Up Displays Folding Gun Rack

by Tommy Grant

Do you shoot on public lands or at ranges that aren’t “improved”? Places where there are no shooting tables or gun racks? That can present the problem of where to put all your shootin’ irons during your day of fun in the sun.

Sure, you can back up the truck or SUV and leave the guns you aren’t shooting there. But Hold Up Displays, makers of all kinds of gat-holding gear, makes a simple, well-made option that stores flat and lets you hold as many as six long guns while you’re out in the field.

It’s useful at home too, keeping everything organized when you take all of your rifles and shotguns out for their regular cleaning and maintenance (you do that, right?).

Hold Up’s Folding Metal Gun Rack comes in three main pieces secured with wingscrews and rubber compression washers that let you assemble it as either a stand-up rack with a fold-out kickstand, as above, or . . .

…flat for easy storage and transport.

All the parts that come in contact with your guns are rubber coated so it won’t ding your guns’ finish. And the rack isn’t at all flimsy. It’s made of painted steel, weighs just under nine pounds when assembled and is American-made. Price: $149.

It comes in mighty handy in lots of situations and does…not…suck.



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