WATCH: Man Uses Weed Eater To Stop Suspected Thieves, Hilarious Chase Ensues

by Tommy Grant

HOUSTON, TEXAS — In northwest Harris County, a man using a weed trimmer to mow a lawn heroically defended himself against robbery suspects. While working on Renmark Lane, he noticed several individuals pilfering equipment from his truck. As they attempted to escape in their car, they aimed the vehicle at him. In defense, the man retaliated by hurling his lawn tool at their windshield.

A confrontation ensued when one of the robbers, later identified as Jerell Alexander, 24, fell from the vehicle. Despite an attempt by the driver to intimidate the victim with a firearm, the situation deescalated when Alexander, injured, managed to flee after being chased around the yard and was subsequently found at a hospital.

Charged with aggravated robbery, Alexander’s criminal history includes a prior robbery conviction.

The incident prompted a neighbor to alert authorities. The community has rallied in support of the victim’s bravery, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding one’s livelihood.

Authorities have released images of the suspects and are seeking further information to apprehend the remaining individuals involved.

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