[WATCH] Mom Saves Daughter From Attempted Kidnapping After Hearing Her Screams For Help

by Tommy Grant

QUEENS, NEW YORK — In a heroic act, Adriana Alvarez confronted a man attempting to kidnap her daughter from their Astoria apartment. The incident, captured by a doorbell camera, occurred on January 23 when Alvarez’s daughter, Lex, was ambushed by George Vassiliou, a 25-year-old obsessed with her.

Vassiliou, who had previously worked with Lex and developed an unhealthy fixation, dragged her down the stairs in a bid to abduct her. Alvarez, upon hearing her daughter’s screams, rushed to her aid, engaging in a physical altercation with Vassiliou, despite being significantly smaller. The struggle, which lasted over four flights of stairs, ended with the help of a neighbor, allowing the mother and daughter to escape.

Vassiliou, found with a bag containing suspicious items and a knife, was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including attempted kidnapping and assault. Alvarez, who suffered serious injuries, has since taken measures to warn others about Vassiliou, emphasizing her determination to protect her daughter and community.

The incident highlights the frightening reality of stalking and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her child, facing considerable physical harm in the process.

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