Whitmer Response: Michigan Town Creates its Own Militia to Prevent New Confiscation Law From Being Enforced

by Tommy Grant

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A town in Michigan has dubbed itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” and founded a militia over gun control laws being passed in the state.

Holton Township passed the resolution in response to a Michigan red flag law that would allow courts to remove weapons from those considered to be an extreme risk. According to town leaders, the move is in response to what they believe is an infringement on the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The militia will be made up of those over 18 who can legally purchase firearms and volunteer. Nobody in the town will be required to join. Members must supply their own firearms, which must be legal by federal standards as of March 27, 2021.

Township supervisor Alan Jager told NewsNation the town created the militia to prevent courts from enforcing the law.

“Being a militia, we have a right to have the ammunition, the guns needed to protect our town, protect our families,” he said. “So if they go to court, take your guns away, you can go in and say I’m in a militia, I need to have these to do the protection that I need to do and give them a fighting chance to get their guns back to due process.”

— Stephanie Whiteside in Town Becomes ‘Sanctuary’ for Second Amendment, Forms Militia

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