Why We Carry: Man Wearing Scream Mask Murders Neighbor With Chainsaw And Knife

by Tommy Grant

LEHIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA — Police say a man named Zak Moyer, 30, was charged with the homicide of his neighbor, 59-year-old Edward Whitehead Jr., following a violent assault involving a chainsaw and knife while Moyer was dressed in a “Scream” costume. The incident took place in Lehighton Borough, prompting a swift response from local and state police. Whitehead suffered fatal injuries, including a large puncture wound and defensive cuts, and was declared dead at a local hospital.

The attack was reportedly premeditated, as evidence by Moyer’s attire reminiscent of the horror movie character and his prior threats against Whitehead. After committing the crime, Moyer returned home, changed clothes, and watched a movie before being taken into custody. During the arrest process, Moyer attempted to justify his actions by claiming Whitehead was a murderer, a claim unsupported by police records. Moyer’s sister disclosed that he had expressed intentions to kill Whitehead a week prior.

Upon his arrest, Moyer initially claimed his menacing appearance was intended to frighten Whitehead, but later admitted to planning the killing. Authorities discovered the chainsaw, knife, and costume hidden in his home. He was denied bail and awaits a preliminary hearing.

Compounding the tragedy, Moyer’s father was arrested for harassing the victim’s family. The incident has left the Whitehead family in shock, struggling to comprehend the violence and loss.

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