Wife Shoots And Kills Husband After Trying To Hide Gun; Police

by Tommy Grant

NORTH CHARLESTON, NORTH CAROLINA — A 38-year-old man was fatally shot on Monday night, leading to a police investigation. Responding to a report at a Ginger Lane residence around 9:02 p.m., officers discovered the man at a side doorway, who was later pronounced dead at a hospital. The man’s identity has not been disclosed.

According to a police spokesman, an argument between the man and his wife earlier that day fueled the incident. The wife recounted that after failing to respond to his calls, her husband returned, demanding his firearm from a nightstand.

She told police she then threw the gun outside, which led to further confrontation. In an attempt to ward him off, she fired a shot when he tried to forcibly enter the home, accidentally hitting him.

She claimed her intention was not to kill.

The police have not filed charges, however their investigation continues.

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