Woman And Attempted Carjacking Suspect Both Shot During Violent Encounter

by Tommy Grant

MURRAY, UTAH — In a distressing incident at the EOS Fitness parking lot in Murray, around 10:45 p.m. on a Wednesday, an attempted carjacking escalated into gunfire, leaving both the suspect and the victim wounded. The confrontation led to a woman in her 20s suffering a critical abdominal gunshot wound and a man, also in his 20s, sustaining a critical but stable chest injury.

The chaos unfolded as Murray police responded to reports of shots fired at the location. The sequence of events suggests a random carjacking attempt gone violently awry, with two firearms being recovered by the authorities. The identity of the assailant, who was later admitted to a hospital by an unknown individual, along with the victim, has been tentatively established by police.

Police aren’t clear as to how both parties received their injuries.

Witnesses recounted the sudden outbreak of violence, with one describing the immediate aftermath of the shooting where the female victim lay severely injured on the ground, sparking confusion and fear among the gym-goers about the shooter’s whereabouts.

The investigation into why the attacker targeted the woman or her vehicle continues.

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