17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the Pandemic

by Tommy Grant

Even though it happened three years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic is still fresh on everyone’s minds.

This is not only because it was the most disruptive force to how we live our lives that we witnessed in our generation, but also because there are repeated fears that another pandemic (and more lockdowns with it) even more devastating than the first could occur.

The first time, we were caught completely off guard. The next time, however, we should all strive to be more prepared. That starts with stockpiling essential items that you will need for your survival and your well-being during a future disaster.

Keep in mind, the next disaster that leads to lockdowns may not be a pandemic, but the principle of preparing remains the same.

Specifically, you’ll want to stockpile the items that vanished first during the last pandemic, because those items will be the most in-demand the next time a major disaster strikes.

Here are seventeen items that vanished immediately after the pandemic.


17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the PandemicWhen the pandemic hit ammunition was among the first items that flew off the shelves at sporting goods stores and other places that sold it.

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Common calibers like .22 LR. 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, 5.56x45mm NATO, .30-30 Winchester, and .308 Winchester were among the first to go, but calibers that were not quite as common didn’t last long either.

It took more than a full year before demand lessened and ammo manufacturers were able to keep up again.

Baby Formula

Baby formula was extremely difficult for some people to find during the pandemic, forcing those caring for infants without it to come up with homemade baby formula solutions instead.

Baking Supplies

17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the PandemicSince most people couldn’t eat out during the pandemic when restaurants were in lockdown, baking became a significantly more common activity.

Baking yeast and other baking-related supplies such as trays, bowls, whisks, and so on became very high in demand.

Beans and Rice

It was no surprise that beans and rice flew off the shelves fast during the pandemic. Both are very long lasting and can be incorporated into a wide variety of different meals.

Canned Foods

Canned foods are a common food choice to stockpile amongst those in the prepping community for two very simple reasons: affordability and longevity.

An unopened can of meat or vegetables can last for years when stored at normal room temperature, and most can be purchased for under a dollar individually and even less when bought in bulk.

It’s easy in this regard to see why canned foods were a popular item when the pandemic struck.

Cleaning Wipes and other Cleaning Agents

17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the PandemicMost cleaning wipes and spray bottles used for disinfecting surfaces flew off the shelves first during the pandemic. People were panic buying these kinds of products in an attempt to keep their homes as clean and germ free as possible.

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Computer Chips

The computer chip shortage was most severely felt in the auto industry. Many auto dealerships were without new vehicles in stock for over a year, or otherwise had to remove luxury items in cars that were powered by computer chips, such as heated seats. Laptops, tablets, and phones also were in short supply.

While you can’t stockpile computer chips exactly, it’s worth mentioning here because you’ll want to make sure each of your technological devices are in good standing before the next pandemic rolls around.

Comfort Foods

It wasn’t just ‘essential foods such as canned foods or beans and rice that flew off the shelves during the pandemic. People also weren’t willing to give up their favorite comfort foods, such as chips, snacks, and candies.

Hand Sanitizer

17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the PandemicIt’s easy to see why hand sanitizer didn’t last long on the shelves after the pandemic hit.

For over a year, it was borderline impossible to find any hand sanitizer regardless of which store or pharmacy you went to.

Hair Dyes and Cosmetics

Almost all businesses classified as ‘non-essential’ were forced to go into lockdown during the early months of the pandemic, and hair salons and beauty shops fell under this umbrella.

As a result, people had to turn to hair dyes and cosmetics in stores and then take care of their cosmetical needs at home as an alternative.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are one item that we use multiple times each day without even realizing it, at least until the pandemic happened. Paper towels suddenly became a very luxurious item to have as they sold out almost as fast as toilet paper did.


17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the PandemicThe lumber shortages and resulting skyrocketing in lumber prices were one of the biggest reasons why home construction and repair costs went up during this period too. If you’re someone who needs to use lumber for construction projects around your property and have adequate storage space, you should consider stockpiling some now while prices are lower.

Pet Food and Supplies

People will always go to great lengths to ensure that their pets are kept safe and comfortable. Sales of pet food and other pet-related items skyrocketed during the pandemic for this reason.

Soap and Shampoo

Cleaning agents and hand sanitizer flew off the shelves first when the pandemic hit, but it didn’t take long for soap and shampoo to follow suit.

When soap bars and shampoo bottles finally returned to the shelves some months later, most stores imposed buying restrictions.


17 Items That Vanished Immediately After the PandemicPotatoes are renowned for their versatility and ability to be included in a number of different dishes. This is precisely why potatoes became in very short supply during the pandemic.

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Tissues are always the first thing we reach for when we need to cough or blow our nose. It became very difficult to find a simple box of tissues in the days and weeks after the pandemic hit.

Toilet Paper

This was the most well-known item that went out of stock during the pandemic. It’s not difficult to see why toilet paper flew off the shelves so quickly. It’s a daily necessity families need, and there’s not a whole lot of good alternatives for its intended purpose!

Start stockpiling the above items now, because you never know if or when the next shortages will occur.

If stockpiling enough of the above items seems overwhelming, you can make things easier for yourself by simply buying one or two items per week that you add onto your stockpile.

You’ll find yourself surprised by how fast your stockpile grows.

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