184: Covert Entry & Lifestyle Design with Pat Watson

by Tommy Grant

In this podcast episode, we dive into the expertise of Pat Watson, a former military and law enforcement professional turned educator, in nondestructive entry techniques such as lockpicking and covert entry. Pat shares his transition to teaching and highlights the importance of practical, hands-on learning for real-world application. His insights extend to overcoming bureaucratic inefficiencies, enhancing home security, and the empowerment that comes from mastering these essential skills. Through his narrative, listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of preparedness and personal security.

Who is Pat Watson?

Pat Watson is an ex-military and law enforcement professional specializing in teaching nondestructive techniques such as lockpicking and covert entry. In addition to his primary business, he operates a franchise for Fortress Canine, which sells obedience-trained dogs for family protection. Pat left his previous careers to pursue his passion for innovative training methods. Now, he provides his expertise to active operators, military, law enforcement, and international special forces units, teaching covert entry techniques and advanced training methods.

Here’s Pat Watson’s Website: Uncensored Tactical

What is Covert Entry?

Covert entry is a nuanced term within the field of nondestructive entry, encompassing various techniques such as firefighter respectful entry and through-the-lock entry. This field’s lack of standardization and regulation leads to diverse interpretations and approaches.

Pat Watson’s curriculum focuses on practical, hands-on learning rather than traditional academic methods. Students are immediately engaged in opening locks and then challenged to adapt to different variables and scenarios. The goal is to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for real-world applications.

Pat’s journey into this field began in childhood, influenced by his father’s experiences as a police officer, and intensified during his military service. He found traditional training methods lacking in addressing the complexities and failures inherent in covert entry, leading him to develop his own comprehensive curriculum centered on real-world effectiveness.

Lifestyle Design

Pat discusses lifestyle design, emphasizing the freedom and control gained from self-employment versus the uncertainties of traditional employment. He reflects on personal experiences, including witnessing mass layoffs and realizing the lack of security in corporate jobs. Watson advocates for a lifestyle prioritizing preparedness, fulfillment, and resilience, moving away from merely surviving to living well. He stresses the importance of creating a life that allows for flexibility, choice in work, and the ability to adapt to changes, underscoring the empowerment that comes from self-sufficiency and control over one’s environment.

F the Bureaucracy

Pat Watson shares insights into bureaucracy through his book, “The Bureaucracy F***!” In this candid discussion, he outlines his views on how bureaucracy operates and how it affects various organizations.

Pat identifies key characteristics of bureaucracies, such as rigid hierarchy, misaligned incentives, and the addition of responsibilities without adjusting infrastructure. He illustrates these points with anecdotes from his experiences in both government and private sectors, highlighting inefficiencies and the prioritization of bureaucracy over mission accomplishment.

Despite the challenges posed by bureaucracy, Pat finds freedom in running his own business, where he can prioritize effectiveness over red tape. Through his teachings, Pat aims to equip individuals with practical skills and empower them to navigate bureaucratic systems effectively.

A farm homestead

Pat Watson Homestead Lockpicking

Pat shares valuable insights and practical tips about lock entry and home security. He discusses the simplicity of lock picking and the importance of understanding lock systems for preparedness and self-sufficiency.

Pat emphasizes the low barrier to entry and the abundance of free resources available for those interested in learning lock entry techniques. He also highlights the potential benefits of being able to assist others in gaining access to locked systems and stresses the value of such skills in everyday life. Additionally, Pat discusses the significance of rekeying locks for improved access control and shares personal anecdotes about home security measures.

Overall, the conversation underscores the empowerment that comes from understanding and mastering lock entry, contributing to enhanced security awareness and preparedness in the community.A double front door entry way.

Pat Watson on Door Security

Pat discusses the importance of home security and advises reinforcing door frames rather than changing locks and suggests using longer screws for better protection. He explains that most burglaries involve forced entry rather than lock picking.

Pat recommends door armor and mentions the benefits of self-closing hinges and touchpad locks. He suggests high-security lock brands like Assa Abloy, which deter lock picking. Pat also touches on the concept of security by obscurity and stresses the importance of understanding vulnerabilities. He shares insights from his extensive experience in emergency entry and lock picking, mentioning his published books on the topic.

Throughout the conversation, Pat provides practical advice and thought-provoking perspectives on home security.

The Bottom Line

Pat Watson’s teachings and insights extend beyond the mechanical aspects of lockpicking to address the broader implications of personal security and resilience against bureaucratic inefficiencies. His comprehensive approach, emphasizing practical knowledge and critical thinking, equips individuals with the tools to navigate and fortify their environments. Watson’s dedication to sharing his expertise reflects a commitment to fostering a community that values preparedness, autonomy, and adapability.

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184: Covert Entry & Lifestyle Design with Pat Watson

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