7 WARS are happening right now, and America is behind them all

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

Remember the “War on Terrorism?” Whatever happened to that? Supposedly, a couple dozen years back, a bunch of illegal immigrants flew some planes into some tall buildings in New York City, except both buildings, constructed with 200,000 tons of steel, were reduced to rubble, demolition style, not to mention a third building half a mile away, that never even got “hit.” Any intelligent person would have to question the “official” narrative and highly suspect the whole thing was staged as an “inside job” by the ever-powerful military-industrial complex.

If you think U.S. politicians could never be so evil, think again. Here’s some food for thought about the 7 wars happening right now, which most U.S. citizens simply can’t get their heads around, plus the fact that the USA is behind them all, funding them, capitalizing off them and catapulting a globalist initiative to greatly reduce the world’s population and turn America into a Communist hell-hole run by tyrants. Let’s take an inside look at what’s really going on, so the people who haven’t been completely brainwashed and hypnotized can fight the “good” fight and help save the Republic.

Top 7 WARS happening right now, with evil U.S. politicians and globalist billionaires catapulting them all        

These days, the second someone sees or hears the word “war,” they usually think of Ukraine or Gaza, since those wars are splattered and scattered all over mass media and social media 24/7/365, but there are other wars just as deadly and just as “staged,” and most Americans have no clue that they are all just as big of a threat to life, liberty, health, safety and our way of life, as the wars seen on TV and read about in the mainstream newspapers.

#1. War on Illegal Immigration

#2. War on Biological Terrorism (Lab-Designed Diseases)

#3. War on Vaccines (mRNA especially)

#4. War on Fraudulent Elections

#5. War on (Fake) Climate Change

#6. War on Information

#7. War on Mental Immunity

The war on illegal immigration also includes the war on human trafficking, and that’s one huge reason our borders are wide open right now. Illegal immigration is not some accidental leak at the border, or some Democratic way of giving unfortunate people a “chance” at a better life, but rather it is a planned ATTACK on Democracy, safety, fair elections, the economy, and American prosperity.

There is a war on our bodies waged by eugenicists who want nothing more than to eliminate several billion people from planet earth using what they call “vaccinations,” even though the mRNA immune-system-hijacking jabs don’t even qualify for the term. In case you were not aware, one of the main reasons the U.S. is funding the Ukraine War is to protect OUR Biolabs (and NATO’s) in Ukraine that create gain-of-function viruses and other biological weapons of mass destruction. Let that sink in for a minute.

Another war is being waged on Democracy and fair elections, where the pandemic, also called the “plandemic” and the “scamdemic,” were used (and planned) so that tens of millions of fake and faulty ballots could be used to put puppet-Biden and his Regime in power. No doubt, something else similar is on the way for the next POTUS election taking place (or not) in just 10 months.

The fake war on climate change is the hokiest war of them all. The narrative has shifted so many times, you’d have to be brainwashed, hypnotized, illiterate, and “fully vaccinated” to believe it. Now they say that humans breathing is causing global warming, as the oceans consume all the coastal cities (not) and the acid rain burns up all the farms across the globe (also not happening).

Fake news is so bad now that, even though they change the narrative multiple times per day, the gullible sheeple still believe every word that’s said, printed, and posted on the internet, the boob tube (TV), and in the papers. This is the war on information, and there’s a doctor who may have just figured out exactly why the news changes every day, contradicting everything they’ve already sworn as the truth, while the masses still gobble it up, forgetting all the previous lies proven as such. It’s called the War on Mental Immunity, and Dr. Michael Nehls just wrote a book on it all.

NEUROHACKING EXPOSED! Dr. Michael Nehls, author of “The Indoctrinated Brain,” reveals how the global mind manipulation psyop actually works (he calls it an attack on our mental immune system). Watch this:

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