by Tommy Grant

Every single dollar that goes into helping Ukraine, in the form of a blank check, is money that is going towards sustaining a system that Clinton, Obama and Biden have destroyed.

When it’s all said and done, no one will be thought of as a worse president than Barack Obama — he really is the leader of the movement that made American dominance a thing of the past.

Mark my words: The scholars and historians who study our times will ascribe a negative value, measured in the tens of trillions of dollars, on the damage that Obama caused the free world.

So predictable, so preoccupied with grand delusions was he of being a messiah brought here to fix problems and solve things, that his thinking should be examined for its mere sanity.

Obama is, in his essence, un-American.

He doesn’t believe in the United States and its values and core principles — he is a globalist, and today, I want to explain why Russia’s war in Ukraine and its cut-off of natural gas and oil to Europe, is a direct result of Obama’s lack of grasp on reality, coupled with Blinken’s clinging to the past, which is costing taxpayers trillions. It is shameful.

When he was just eight years old, the story goes, his parents got a divorce. I’m not talking about Obama, but of an inspiring personal story about an individual whom I studied, who turned ruin into triumph.

The divorce hit him hard and he began hanging with the wrong crowd; he turned violent and started to commit petty theft; he was a juvenile, but his father wouldn’t give up on him.

A father has every right to educate and discipline his child to the merits of right and wrong, to the importance of becoming a beneficial and advancing member of society, but the kid just wouldn’t listen to reason.

He had an ego to feed and he was dead-set on embarking upon a path of destruction.

The father enrolled the boy in a military boarding school with very strict discipline in the United States, even though they were from another country.

They flew there, where he left him to either fail and get booted out, perhaps even suffer and be punished, or to transform himself into a man.

After nine months, they met again for the first time. The boy was a different human being, and when he turned eighteen, he joined the IDF and was successful in passing the rigorous training equivalent to that of the Navy Seals.

Today, he helps teenagers who have lost their way, by putting them through the wringer, with military training that helps them set and achieve goals, while also enjoying the support of others like them. He thanks his dad for forcing him, with tough love, to see the light.

Do you know why Russia felt confident invading Ukraine? It’s because he could give a F**K about Obama and Biden… they’re cut from the same cloth of wokeness.

They would never get the job done, but spending your tax dollars without oversight… well, that’s noble to the globalist.

Thankfully, their days are numbered.

Globalization is ending, and what comes after is good old-fashioned good against bad, righteous vs. evil, and even the useful idiots at Harvard who think Bin Laden was a freedom fighter, will have to watch as their make-believe communist agenda crumbles into dust.

Wake up, losers, reality has come to bite you — The Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, they mock you, Obama… they consider you a joke, a weak and delusional person who wants to be loved, so he can get the cheer of the other sheep. However, Americans are seeing that their beautiful Constitution is being burned, and they will rise up.

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