AARP: Get An 8th COVID Shot

by Tommy Grant

The lobbying group AARP (American Association for Retired People) just told its 38 million followers that they should get an 8th COVID-19 “vaccine.” There seems to be no limit to how much mRNA technology the rulers are willing to try to get people to take.

AARP is open to all people who are over the age of 50 and the organization is now looking to convince the masses that an eighth shot is necessary.

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If a person has gotten five booster shots, and the original two doses, they already have been injected with mRNA technology seven times! But the AARP says that isn’t enough.

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The column does not specify a narrower or higher age range for its recommendation. Thus it implies that even a 50-year-old who has not already had six “Covid boosters” needs to “catch up” with another immediately.

Alex Berenson wrote on his Substack that AARP’s unbelievably bad advice doesn’t end there. The column then goes on to tell members that “the most recent shot, which was released in September 2023, isn’t actually a booster. It’s a new vaccine that targets the latest variants.”

AARP also wrote that researchers are working on a combination flu and COVID mRNA injection, so they can get an extra dose of spike proteins and ineffective toxins directly into their bloodstream.

Pfizer Proposes Combining The Flu Shot and The COVID Injection

The organization also noted that the COVID mRNA shots could be recommended annually in the near future, so new ones will be made and rolled out constantly. There will never be enough mRNA technology circulating in the bodies of human beings, it appears.

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