Amazon Big Spring Sale Survival Gear Deals

by Tommy Grant

There are some big deals on survival gear and prepping supplies in Amazon’s first big sale of the year: their Big Spring Sale.

At this point, Amazon typically has three large sales each year of their own, and then they also participate in Black Friday. It’s been a while since Black Friday, and this is the biggest sale they’ve run since the Christmas season.

With spring around the corner and manufacturers with plenty of winter supplies to close out, there is a good mix of outdoor survival, garden, energy, and food storage deals prime for the picking.

Specific survival gear Big Spring Sale deals will be updated when we are allowed to share them March 20-25.

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What is the Amazon Big Spring Sale?

Unlike Amazon’s Prime Day or Prime Big Deal Days, this sale isn’t just for Prime members. It also spans five days and it offers a ton of sales on survival-related equipment and prepping supplies. That makes it one of only a few sales per year available to everyone and anyone.

The specifics of the deals can change over the course of the five days, but we’ll jump on them as quickly as possible so you won’t miss out. Sometimes gear goes out of stock, gets clearanced out, or new items go on sale in the later days to keep the promotion fresh.

Outdoor Survival Gear

We regularly find outdoor survival gear in our daily deals, but spring is to find a whole bunch on sale with the gear’s overlap with hiking, camping, and backpacking. Some significant savings are here for this sale and here are a few of my favorites:

Amazon Basics might be basic, but they hold up. Recently, our product review tests showed that the rechargeable batteries and the trash bags hold their own.

Generators, Solar, and Power Packs

Electronics are always a huge focus for big Amazon sales, but that doesn’t just mean TVs and game consoles. Power storage and generating equipment are also big. They had a few security systems for sale, but no markdowns compared to what they are doing with these power solutions.

Individual power banks (usually used for phones in emergencies) are giving some screaming deals:

Portable generators are the proven option but have pretty good price relief for this sale:

EcoFlow has massive discounts on their portable but reliable solar panels:

Jackery and EcoFlow are tangling over the best power station prices:

If you don’t have a solar power solution yet, it’s a better time than ever to try it out cheaper than ever.

Garden Supplies

As a spring sale, we wouldn’t expect anything less than great deals on garden supplies to make things green again. I’m picking up a few metal garden beds to get into gardening this year to expand my family’s self-reliance.

You might be behind a smidge if you are just getting started with your garden now, but these could help you catch up with the season or even grow plants on your own terms (with the hydroponics system).

Food Storage Deals

When you are stashing food away for emergencies your budget can take a hit. Luckily, some of the appliances that help with food preservation and food itself is a part of this sale.

Some of our favorites include:

These are some of the best deals around and may end up back-ordered or out of stock as the sale goes on.

*prices when published- check for changes or further sales as prices can still fluctuate.

Best Survival Big Spring Sale Deals

The categories that the deals are focused on can vary, but the ones that are most applicable to survival and prepping fall into only a few.

Some of the key categories include:

If you browse the categories, you may find even more deals than we’ve listed out to fill out your survival kits and prepper pantry.

The Final Word

We hope everyone had a great March and is ready for Easter. There are plenty of great Big Spring Sale survival gear deals this year, and we hope that by making this list we can help you round out your survival kits and prepper supplies so you can get back to enjoying what you love.

If you are looking for more deals or gift ideas, check out our gift guides and other deal roundups:

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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