An Iranian Warship Has Entered The Red Sea As Proxies Continue Attacks

by Tommy Grant

War tensions are escalating quickly as an Iranian warship has entered the Red Sea. This move comes after the United States continues to shoot down the drones of Houthi rebels after attacks on shipping containers in the region.

U.S. & U.K. Claim They Shot Down 14 “Suspected” Drone Attacks

Iran’s Alborz warship has reportedly entered the Red Sea, and according to a report by Fox News, this ship is emerging at a time of heightened tensions in the key shipping route amid ongoing attacks on vessels in response to the Israel-Hamas war.

No details were given by Iranian state-run media on the vessel’s mission in the Red Sea, but it is just one more way to escalate the entire situation.

This ship has entered the Red Sea as the mainstream media in the United States reports that the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier strike group (which was moved to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea following Hamas’ deadly October 7th invasion of Israel) is heading back to its home in Norfolk, Virginia. The Ford was deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean so it could be within striking distance of Israel following the October 7th attacks and the start of the war.

Houthi Attacks On Shipping Vessels In Red Sea Continue

U.S. Warship Responds To Houthi Terror Attacks In Red Seas

This war is currently expanding rapidly and could get more intense now that Iran’s warship has officially entered the area. Proxies are no longer there, now it’s a full-blown ruling class making sure its presence is known.

The Path To WW3: Yemen’s Houthis Have Joined The War

Houthi militants attacked a Maersk container vessel with missiles and small boats on Saturday and Sunday, prompting the company to pause all sailing through the Red Sea for 48 hours. In response to the rising war tensions, many major shipping companies have rerouted their vessels around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, adding exorbitant costs and delays.

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