Another $300 Million Will Go To Ukraine

by Tommy Grant

The ruling class of the United States has magically found another $300 million to send to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Moscow, Kiev has destroyed multiple Russian naval vessels with the help of Western weaponry.

Despite the U.S. defense budget (which should just be called the “offense” budget at this point) already being overdrawn to the tune of $10 billion, the Biden regime scraped the bottom of the barrel to ridiculously come up with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new weapons for Volodymyr Zelensky and his dying and losing regime.

According to a report by Natual News, the Pentagon will “rush” the $300 million stockpile of weapons to Ukraine straightaway, after “finding some cost savings in its contracts,” citing “errors” in the accounting. This is not the first time the rulers have used this as an excuse to continue to fund another totalitarian tyrant.

Biden’s “Accounting Scam” To Fund Ukraine

The weapons given to Ukraine by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) are being used to damage Russian military assets too, likely expanding the war even further.

According to a report by RT, Ukraine has used NATO-supplied missiles to strike Russian Navy vessels in the Black Sea, the bloc’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, acknowledged on Thursday, adding that he considers the area to be of “great strategic importance.” Other similar incidents have taken place during the course of the conflict, with Kyiv’s biggest hit to date being the Moskva, the former flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Moskva sank on April 14, 2022, due to the use of NATO-supplied weaponry. Some of the attacks have involved air-to-surface cruise missiles, with some military experts speculating that British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles could have been used.

Russia Says U.S. Is Directly Involved In The Ukraine Conflict

In a statement, national security adviser Jake Sullivan revealed that Ukraine no longer has the arms and ammo necessary to keep Russia at bay, which is why these emergency measures are taking place.

“When Russian troops advance and its guns fire, Ukraine does not have enough ammunition to fire back,” Sullivan complained about why the $300 million arms infusion is necessary. -Natural News

It appears that the U.S. and NATO are continuing to cross Russia’s “red line” and irritate the former Soviet Union.

Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, warned on Wednesday that the situation has reached the point where high-ranking U.S. officials are saying the West needs to help Ukrainians “strike deep in Crimea.” In other words, he said, “the direct involvement of the United States in the conflict has been officially recognized,” according to a report by RT. 

Antonov noted that the direct participation of Ukraine’s Western backers in the conflict would have the most unpredictable consequences” for the world.

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