Another War Incident In The Red Sea: Houthis Launch “Complex” Missile Attacks

by Tommy Grant

Houthi rebels have launched a “complex” missile attack in the Red Sea, continuing the war that is rapidly spiraling out of control. In one of its largest attacks to date, Yemen’s Houthis have fired dozens of missiles into the shipping lanes, but the Pentagon claims to have “repelled” the attacks.

United States Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, announced the attempted attack on Tuesday, saying that several anti-ship missiles and drones were launched “from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen into the Southern Red Sea.”

Eighteen one-way attack drones, two cruise missiles, and one ballistic missile were shot down by American F-18s and a number of US and British warships based in the region, CENTCOM continued, adding “There were no injuries or damage reported.”

In November, the Houthis declared that all ships “belonging to the Israeli enemy or that deal with it” would become “legitimate targets,” following Israel’s retaliatory strikes on Gaza, and later released dramatic footage showing fighters capturing a vessel alleged to be linked to the Jewish state. Subsequent reports indicate the ship was operated by a Japanese firm, flagged under the Bahamas and carrying an international crew, but owned in part by Israeli businessman Rami Ungar. –RT

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The Red Sea serves as a major shipping hub for the region’s petroleum products, with nearly 10% of the global oil trade and an estimated $1 trillion in goods passing through the narrow Bab el-Mandeb Strait each year.

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As this war changes, expands, and shifts, anything could happen. One wrong move by one entity could be the spark that ignites World War 3. Be prepared for anything, because things are not yet calming down with regard to the wars.

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