Bird Flu Infects and Kills A Polar Bear

by Tommy Grant

The bird flu is creeping into headlines slowly once again. Now the media is reporting on the death of a polar bear due to “avian influenza” and says it’s a sign of the virus’s “persistence”.

Polar bears are on the Endangered Species Act list and is the first such animal to die of bird flu. It is also the first animal in Alaska known to fall victim to highly pathogenic avian influenza (HAPI).

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation recently reported that a polar bear was found dead after being infected with HAPI.

The dead polar bear was found on October 1, 2023, near Utqiagvik, a North Slope community in the United States. Following HAPI sample testing, the bear’s death was confirmed on December 6, 2023, and is said to be caused by the bird flu.

According to a report by Precision Vaccinations, the World Organisation for Animal Health report issued in October 2023 provides an update on the HPAI situation.

Since people can become infected by the HAPI virus, the United States ruling class has been preparing vaccines for an outbreak.

Bird Flu “Vaccines” Are “Authorized” & “Warehoused” As CDC Demands Human Surveillance

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 20 million H5N1 and 12 million H7N9 vaccines were available in the U.S. National Strategic Stockpile in 2023.

Which begs the question: how do the “scientists” know which mutation is going to happen to infect humans, and make an appropriate “vaccine” before said mutation occurs?

The Next Plandemic? Experts Say Bird Flu Virus Is “Changing Rapidly”

Is this the next plandemic? Are the scientists pre-prepared for what they already have been told is coming? -SHTFPlan

Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

Bird flu has been spreading to several species in the past several months, and considering the ruling class already has vaccines stockpiled for us, it is likely we’ll experience a jump to humans.

USDA Reports More Mammals Infected With Bird Flu

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