Hidden Weapons in Your Supermarket

by Tommy Grant

If you were to go searching for places to buy weapons that you could use to defend yourself in a crisis scenario, where would you go?

If you’re like most people, you may answer your local sporting goods store, where you can buy firearms, ammunition, knives, bows and arrows, and other defensive arms.

I’m not disagreeing with that, but there’s one more place you may want to check out: your local grocery store or supermarket.

As soon as a major disaster occurs, whether it’s a local-based disaster in your area or one on a larger scale nationwide, people are going to flood the local stores and supermarkets to buy as many provisions as they can get their hands on, such as food, water, hygiene items, and other household objects.

You may be one of those people, and while you’re searching for those above kinds of provisions, you can search for weapons too.

Some of the following may be a bit obvious, but others will be less so:

Baseball Bat

As much of a cliche as it is to say, a baseball bat can be used as a highly effective self-defensive tool to strike blows against an opponent, and it offers you more reach than a hammer or a wrench. Look for these in the outdoor section of the grocery store.


Hidden Weapons in Your SupermarketMost grocery stores sell large axes and splitting mauls in the hardware or outdoors sections.

Both can be used as defensive weapons, and can also be used to help break down wooden doors so you can make an escape out of certain situations.

Canned Goods

Besides being good for eating, canned foods are also heavy like aluminum cans and can be used as projectiles to strike at assailants. Likewise, you can also place them into a burlap sack to utilize as a club or tie them to paracord forming a perimeter around your house to serve as an alarm system.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans filled with soda or beer are rather heavy and can cause damage when you throw them at attackers as projectiles. Alternatively, you can put several filled cans into a burlap sack, tie the sack shut, and then wield it as a makeshift clubbing weapon.

You can also wrap paracord around your home, and then tie cans filled with pebbles to the cordage. When the paracord is disturbed by a possible intruder, you’ll be alerted by the rattling in the cans.

Burlap Bags

This one is not so much a weapon as much as it is a defensive item, but I thought I would include it anyway.

You can buy burlap bags or sacks at some supermarkets, and then fill them with sand or pebbles to essentially turn them into sandbags. Then you can position them being your doors and windows to absorb incoming bullets and to provide you with cover.

Standing Coat Rack/Hat Hanger

Hidden Weapons in Your SupermarketIt may be a bit cumbersome, but you can wield a standing coat rack or hat hanger as a defensive weapon by holding it with both hands and then wielding the pointy edges against an attacker to keep them at bay.

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Cooking Spray

You cover a hardwood floor with cooking spray, and it will naturally become very slippery. This can help you to create a ‘Home Alone’ sort of defense against home invaders.


Some flashlights are very large and heavy, and can double as clubs (such as the MagLite). I would look for flashlights in either the hardware or outdoor sections of the store.

Glass Bottles

It’s a well known defensive trick that you can use a glass bottle as a defensive weapon, either by the bottle itself or by smashing it and using a sharpened edge as a knife-type weapon. Alternatively, you can break a glass bottle and then place the pieces of glass around your home to act as a defensive deterrent.


If your supermarket has a sporting goods section, you’re likely to find a hatchet or a camp axe of some kind that you can use as a defensive weapon. These will be smaller and handier than the camp axes and splitting mauls I mentioned above.


Hidden Weapons in Your SupermarketAlmost all grocery stores and supermarkets carry knives in them. You’ll find these in the kitchen section, and in the sporting goods/outdoors section, if your store has the latter.

Even if your grocery store lacks tactical knives, kitchen knives can still be great defensive weapons.


Hammers are plentiful tools in the hardware sections at grocery stores. They can be used as devastating self-defense tools at close ranges.

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Hot Sauce

Go ahead and laugh if you want, but spraying hot sauce onto somebody’s eyes is going to be nearly as effective as spraying pepper spray on them. Just mix together hot sauce and water in a plastic spray bottle.


It may not be as effective as a knife, but you can still use a screwdriver as a defensive tool to puncture holes in an attacker.


A sturdy umbrella can serve as a very handy defensive tool; you can open it quickly to block strikes from an opponent.


Just like a hammer, a wrench can also be used as an effective self-defensive weapon to strike close quarters blows against an opponent. Look for this in the hardware section.

Most grocery stores and supermarkets sell a lot more than just food and beverages. If you get creative and look around, you can find tools that could even save your life.

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