If We “Just Stop Oil” Like Climate Protesters Want, Six BILLION People Could Die

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

All over the United Kingdom and in some parts of Europe, orange vest-wearing climate fanatics are blocking traffic to raise awareness about their fears about oil and natural gas use, which at least one of their members says “is genocide.” It turns out that, were oil and gas to go away, upwards of six billion people around the world would die.

Six billion people is a lot of people. Six billion deaths are about as genocidal as it gets, so what is possessing these “Just Stop Oil” members to take the position they do when employing it would kill the vast majority of the planet? The answer, in part, is propaganda.

As the end of the biblical age of grace approaches, the world is increasingly becoming unhinged, including environmentally as the birth pangs intensify. The theory that climate fanatics have adopted as to why this is all happening blames human activity and industry, even though the environment itself, i.e., volcanoes, is emitting far more “greenhouse gases” like carbon dioxide than the tailpipes on cars or the flatulence from cattle.

Even so, members of groups like Just Stop Oil have been deluded – or perhaps deluded themselves – into believing that they must appease the climate gods by making all sorts of changes to the existing industrial world order. This, they believe, will stop things like “global warming” and the fear of “boiling oceans” destroying the planet.

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Without oil and gas, billions will perish

On the very first day of an oil- and gas-free world as the members of Just Stop Oil envision it, all homes, businesses, and other structures that rely on either or both of these for light, heat, fuel, or what have you would no longer function.

In the United Kingdom, where gas stocks held above ground are typically not that high, gas distribution would cease to occur within 10 to 15 days due to a lack of pressure.

“This would mean in turn that the domestic supply would be shut down, too,” one UK-based media outlet reported. “… gas would stop flowing, and some 21 million households (74pc of the population) would no longer have heating, hot water, and cooking facilities.”

“In their panic, people might turn to electricity for their cooking and heating, but wait … The UK electricity grid relies on natural gas as its ‘buffer’ energy source. Every day, demand varies according to consumer demand, and the other main energy supplier, renewables, are highly variable and can only power the grid when gas is picking up the lion’s share of the gap between their output and consumer demand.”

This is just in the UK, mind you. Multiply these effects all around the world and you can see how quickly life as we currently know it would end almost instantly. Millions upon millions would die in the first few weeks, followed by billions more as the rest of the world and its oil- and gas-based systems collapse.

Using once again the UK as an example, the island nations that constitute it rely on a properly pressurized gas distribution system in order to keep the entire power grid, electricity, and all, intact. If Just Stop Oil gets its way, the entire UK would lose the power and energy it needs to continue to exist, eventually leaving it destroyed and human-less. Do Just Stop Oil fanatics know this is what their pipe dream would actually entail once activated?

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