Iran: The U.S. Has An Undeniable Role In War Crimes In Gaza

by Tommy Grant

The tensions between the United States and Iran are getting bowstring tight. Iran has stated that the United States has an “undeniable” role in the Israeli war crimes against Palestinian people. This rhetoric comes as the U.S. shoots down three drones after Yemen Houthis attacked three commercial ships in the Red Sea.

The expansion of war is what is undeniable. All of the ruling classes are making sure they help push this war to all new levels.

Iran claims that Washington has equipped Tel Aviv with new weapons to carry out atrocities in the genocidal war on the Gaza Strip. “The US has a direct and undeniable role in the Zionist regime’s war crimes against the Palestinian people. It is clear that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was a legitimate and defensive action by the Palestinian nation against the occupiers and that it exposed Israel’s fake claim to possess security capability,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani said while speaking at a weekly press conference in Tehran on Monday.

Instead of taking a stance to prevent the calamity, the US has practically sided with the occupying regime, which has killed thousands of Palestinians in order to compensate for its defeat in the war on Gaza, according to a report by Press TV Iran.

“The new round of attacks started when the US Defense Secretary [Lloyd Austin] was present at the Zionist regime’s war cabinet… the US has provided new weapons and equipment to the Zionist regime and has filled its hands to continue crimes.”

Kan’ani also referred to remarks by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who reaffirmed on Saturday that Washington’s support for Israel is “not negotiable.”

“Today, the US government is a side to the war. However, it contradicts claims by Americans who say we do not want the expansion of the war and warned Israel not to kill civilians,” he added. Kan’ani also warned that actions against Iran’s interests and security, as well as the country’s military advisors in Syria, will not go unanswered.

As Iran and the U.S. continue to get involved in the conflict, things continue to get more severe. The situation could become dire at any moment, as the attacks on ships and downing of drones continue.

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