Is “Long COVID” just chronic LYME DISEASE under another name?

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

The latest issue of MIT Technology Review, a bi-monthly magazine owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, contains a piece by Michal “Mikki” Tal, formerly of Stanford University, discussing immune responses to cancer and Lyme disease, the latter of which looks a whole lot like so-called “Long COVID.”

The article explains that after the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” was launched in early 2020, in-person research on cancer and Lyme disease ceased, which drove Tal into looking at the salivary immune response to COVID. She discovered that the salivary immune response to COVID-19 is strikingly similar to that of Lyme.

“Long COVID looks exactly, and I mean exactly, like chronic Lyme,” Tal noted. “One is caused by bacteria, and one is caused by a virus. And I started to ask myself this question: Does it matter which road you took to Rome? Or does it only matter that you’re in Rome?”

The crux of Tal’s longtime research into cancer and Lyme centered around the way healthy cells in the body broadcast a message to the immune system of “don’t eat me” while cancerous or infected cells tell the immune system to “eat me.” In the process of probing all this, Tal discovered something she described as “very odd:” the fact that the receptor that receives the healthy cells’ signal of “don’t eat me” varies tremendously from person to person.

Some believe that the diversity of these receptors is a product of evolutionary biology while others believe that pathogens themselves evolve to produce their own chemical mimics of the response, protecting themselves from the immune system. As a result, the immune system develops its own wide range of locks to outsmart the pathogens.

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Lyme is one of those really smart bacterial infections that produce a special protein capable of establishing a lasting infection. Known scientifically as Borrelia burgdorferi, Lyme bacteria’s special protein mimics the “don’t eat me” signal of healthy cells, effectively prolonging its presence in the body.

As Tal continued her research, she learned that the effect of this mimicking signal in patients who take antibiotic treatments for Lyme is that around 10 percent of them go on to develop chronic symptoms that are nearly identical to Long COVID: things like crushing pain, debilitating fatigue and cognitive abnormalities.

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Mystery bioweapons

As many Lyme patients now know, the medical establishment’s response to these long-term symptoms is to basically deny them, instead calling them a form of mental illness. In fact, there is still no objective way to diagnose chronic Lyme, nor is there any medically established therapy to treat it.

When COVID came along and Tal’s in-person Lyme research hit a pause, she started studying COVID patients who never recovered from their acute symptoms like many others. She observed the same array of bewildering, long-term symptoms that occur in chronic Lyme patients.

It turns out that whatever COVID is, virus or otherwise does the very same thing as Lyme by producing stubbornly persistent pathogens that continually outsmart the immune system’s ability to destroy them. The end result is a seemingly never-ending illness with no established cure.

Even so, Tal is convinced that one day there could be a remedy for both Long COVID and Lyme, especially if they turn out to be one and the same.

“I’m convinced this is a solvable problem,” she said. “I’ve thrown everything I can at trying to find it. And I really hope that we do.”

“It is high time that an army of people from all over the world arrest and deal with all those involved in bioweapons production,” added a commenter.

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