“Leave the World Behind”: A Grid Down Apocalypse Movie Ominously Produced by Barack and Michelle Obama

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News under the title: “Leave the World Behind” Movie About a Grid Down Cyber Apocalypse was Ominously Produced by Barack and Michelle Obama

Often, before staged catastrophes happen, there are preparatory “drills” carried out by government agencies, such as FEMA, DHS, CIA, or the nefarious FBI. As of late, rather than a trial run, we may be seeing an actual made-for-TV movie that preempts a massive staged event, possibly even the start of World War III.

The great question looms: Will President Trump win the November election and save the Republic from the communists and globalists, or will the O’Biden Regime steal the election again and finish installing communism in America, once and for all?

Well, if you want the possible answer to that, you might watch a new prequel thriller called “Leave the World Behind,” that’s produced by the folks who began the installation of communism in America — none other than Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama and his husband Michelle.

America is in the middle of a Civil War, ripe for the taking over by a communist aggressor like China, who has Biden bent over a barrel now

Don’t forget that the plandemic began in China, where citizens have virtually no rights, no privacy, no freedom of religion, no right to criticize the government, no right to free speech or press, and no guns. With a few minor exceptions for hunting, civilian firearm ownership in China is only legal for law enforcement, military, paramilitary and security personnel. This is one reason America has not yet been overtaken by communists.

How can that change in a flash? Well, with an EMP flash that knocks out all the satellites used for the internet. If the country goes “dark,” the government agencies, that are all conveniently armed to the teeth, could try to raid American citizens’ homes (in the middle of the night of course), and even use illegal immigrants (military-aged males) that are already setting up terror cells funded by the O’Biden Regime.

A cyber-attack that shuts down not only cell phone and internet usage but also electrical plants across major U.S. cities and ranch-owner states, may provide the ultimate battleground for a silent “blitzkrieg” (pardon the term usage), also known as a lightning war, because it describes a surprise attack using rapid and overwhelming force. This could be done with an electromagnetic pulse following a nuclear detonation, for example. Of course, the Democrats and Globalists will blame “Russia” and every American Democrat will believe it, while surrendering all their rights to the new commie Regime.

Ever since the staged events of 9/11 and the Covid Scamdemic of the past 4 years, we’ve seen most American constitutional rights go up in smoke, including free speech, free press, and the right to criticize or peacefully protest the government. Also, we’re seeing relentless personal and illegal attacks on President Trump, to try to fix the election or even prevent it from ever happening, and it’s just months away.

From forced vaccination to digital passports, we’ve witnessed the U.S. government trying to control and kill off a couple hundred million Americans, but that hasn’t worked out so well for the “evil do’ers.” It’s all been a part of “manufactured consent,” where the American people are so afraid of some invisible enemy, whether it’s terrorists flying imaginary planes into buildings (that are magically brought down by demolition at the same time), or a fake pandemic that’s manufactured in a laboratory and originated in a bowl of raw bat soup served up in a wet market in China.

Currently, it’s like there’s a Civil War going on in America, where we’re all supposedly racists, fascists, bigots, queers, and supporters of all illegal immigrants invading America, so they too can live the “American Dream.” Sure. We’re battling ourselves, which is a fundamental strategy for installing communism. The woke mentality is crippling the whole country, and Obama himself installed it.

Now, there’s a movie about how the communists might take over America soon, using an EMF explosion and AI to disrupt the internet, crash autonomous vehicles to block all the highways, and then unload a few hundred million Chinese militants from ships that crash ashore on our beaches suddenly out of nowhere. Sounds too sci-fi? Maybe it’s the next staged event, playing out for all to see on the silver screen, via the ultimate woke propaganda medium called Netflix.

Will the Obama insidious duo say, “How serendipitous, someone copied our movie idea for real,” or will Hollywood claim some Illuminati predicted the apocalyptic future with ultimate precision? Either way, everybody better hunker down with their guns, ammo, storable food, clean water, and lots of bunker-ready entertainment, because we could be here fighting for our lives and the Republic for some time to come.


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