Martial Law Movies You Should Watch

by Tommy Grant

In today’s world, the possibility of citizens facing martial law is not entirely far-fetched. In such a scenario, citizens must be prepared to navigate uncertain and restrictive environments.

As the prepping community knows, being ready for emergencies is crucial. One way to prepare is by watching movies dealing with the theme of martial law.

They can provide valuable insights into how to respond and adapt in such situations. In this article, we will explore some of the best movies that deal with martial law and offer lessons in preparedness for the prepping community.

The Siege

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch‘The Siege’ (1998) is a movie directed by Edward Zwick that revolves around the fight for truth and justice amid oppressive measures.

Denzel Washington and Annette Bening play FBI Special Agent Anthony Hubbard and CIA operative Elise Kraft, respectively.

The film is set in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in New York City, and it explores the protagonists’ determination to uncover the truth behind the attacks while battling against both external threats and internal subversions within the government.

The movie emphasizes the need for vigilance, community cooperation, and resilience in the face of government overreach, offering valuable lessons in preparedness for those navigating uncertain and restrictive environments.

Red Dawn

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch‘Red Dawn’ (1984 and 2012) follows the story of brothers Jed and Robert.

Along with a group of teenagers, they fight back against a foreign invasion that overtakes their town.

The movie portrays themes of resistance, survival, and the power of unity in adversity.

The group evolves into a guerrilla force and navigates acts of resistance against the occupying troops. ‘Red Dawn’ showcases strategies for forming alliances, organizing resistance, and employing guerrilla tactics in hostile environments.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Martial Law Movies You Should WatchIn the film ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began,’ a group of teenagers fights against an invasion that overtakes their town. They quickly adapt and become resourceful warriors, executing strategies to resist the invaders.

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The film emphasizes themes of youth empowerment, adaptability, and resilience, offering valuable lessons for preppers navigating uncertain and challenging environments.

28 Days Later

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch’28 Days Later’ is a movie directed by Danny Boyle, where Jim wakes up from a coma in a deserted London, finding it ravaged by a viral outbreak that turns people into raging zombies.

He encounters Selena and other survivors while facing the infected and military-enforced quarantines.

The film captures the struggle for survival under military control, ethical dilemmas, and alliances formed under dire circumstances.

The movie is intriguing for preppers due to its portrayal of isolation protocols, the importance of hygiene during pandemics, and strategies for navigating authority during quarantine.

The Forever Purge

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch‘The Forever Purge’ is a film about a world where an annual event, the Purge, becomes an unending nightmare.

Characters Adela and Juan try to survive in a society that has broken down.

Themes of survival, crises, and security are explored.

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The film depicts strategies for survival, fortification techniques, and conflict resolution in lawless situations. Preppers would find the movie intriguing.

How It Ends

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch‘How It Ends’ is a film directed by David M. Rosenthal. The story revolves around Will and his father-in-law, Tom, who are navigating through a chaotic world.

The movie showcases their attempts to find Will’s pregnant partner, Samantha, amidst the turmoil, encountering various challenges along the way.

The film offers valuable insights for preppers preparing for uncertain and potentially catastrophic scenarios.

The Postman

Martial Law Movies You Should WatchIn ‘The Postman,’ directed by and starring Kevin Costner as the titular character, the story follows a drifter named Shakespeare.

He adopts the identity of a postman after finding a postal worker’s uniform and bag.

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He inadvertently becomes a symbol of hope and resistance against General Bethlehem, portrayed by Will Patton, and his tyrannical militia, which seeks to dominate the post-apocalyptic landscape. Moments in the film capture Shakespeare’s journey as he travels from town to town, delivering mail and spreading hope among the survivors.


Martial Law Movies You Should WatchIn ‘Outbreak,’ directed by Wolfgang Petersen, the story revolves around Colonel Sam Daniels, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, and Dr. Roberta “Robby” Keough, played by Rene Russo.

The film explores the government and military response to a deadly virus outbreak caused by a mutated strain of Ebola.

The theme of government intervention in the face of a deadly outbreak is prominently portrayed. Colonel Daniels and Dr. Keough exemplify dedication and scientific expertise as they confront bureaucratic hurdles and political interference while striving to save lives.

The antagonists are not individuals but rather the bureaucratic red tape and political motivations hindering the containment efforts, creating tension and obstacles for the protagonists.

The Day After

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch‘The Day After’ depicts the aftermath of a nuclear war on the residents of Lawrence, Kansas. Dr. Russell Oakes, and his daughter Denise, are the main characters.

The movie showcases the sudden horror and chaos of a nuclear attack, highlighting the struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Dr. Oakes and Denise, along with other survivors, are portrayed as resilient and resourceful in navigating the destruction and seeking shelter amidst the nuclear fallout.

The film portrays societal breakdown and emphasizes the importance of preparedness, self-reliance, and community cooperation in surviving catastrophic events.

I Am Legend

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch‘I Am Legend’ is a movie about Dr. Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, who is the last human survivor in a world overrun by mutants.

Neville is a military virologist who tries to develop a cure for the virus that decimated humanity while struggling with loneliness and despair.

The film highlights the importance of self-reliance, fortifying against threats, and maintaining a sense of purpose in the face of overwhelming isolation. It offers valuable insights for preppers preparing for survival in post-apocalyptic scenarios.

How I Live Now

Martial Law Movies You Should Watch ‘How I Live Now’ tells the story of Daisy, a young woman sent to the English countryside during a war outbreak.

The film explores the theme of individual survival in a world without a government, and it follows Daisy’s journey of adaptation, resilience, and forming alliances with her cousins.

The movie offers valuable insights for preppers preparing for survival in challenging and uncertain environments.

Movies are not only great for family time or entertainment, but they also allow us to think critically and explore different scenarios.

The film we have discussed in this article provides valuable insights into navigating through uncertain and restrictive environments that might arise from the imposition of martial law.

They offer lessons in preparedness, and by watching them, individuals can get a glimpse of what the reality of martial law could mean.

So, the next time you watch a movie, remember that it could offer more than just entertainment; it could help you prepare for any emergency situation that might arise in the future.

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