Modular Backyard Power Plant Review

by Tommy Grant

I’ve always been a fan of Ron Melchiore. The guy has been living completely off-grid for the last 43 years. And in all this time a wire from the grid has never been connected to any of the homes he’s lived in.

You could say he knows a thing or two about self-sufficiency.

So, when I heard he decided to share with us some of his secrets, I couldn’t help but place an order for his Modular Backyard Power Plant.Modular Backyard Power Plant Review

It’s the same ingenious design he’s been using in his homestead since he decided to ditch the grid. Over the years he perfected this design and he came up with something I think it’s genius. The fact that it’s modular is what makes the biggest difference because anyone can adapt it to their needs.

But Ron’s design solves this problem. From now on I can produce just the energy I need, because I can make only one or two modules.

The other thing I noticed and love about The Modular Backyard Power Plant is it gives you a lot of freedom. You get the blueprint for building it yourself because our way of living is different and we have different needs. This is especially true for electricity. That’s why I decided to start building the first module. And if at some point I discover I need more power, I’ll just add a second or third module.

Before I tell you how easy it was, I forgot to tell you that after I placed my order, before I got the physical guide, I received in my email a full set of videos with step-by-step instructions for each of the three modules. This was a game-changer for me and I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere else. I downloaded the videos onto my tablet and I was already heading to my garage to start building.Modular Backyard Power Plant Review

But first I had to gather all the materials I needed for my project. I found the complete list included in the guide. Everything was easy to find and not only do you have a lot of options to buy from, but the author of the book seemed to struggle to give the best recommendations for the buck. I paid around $2.400 for everything, which is a lot less than you would pay for any half-decent generator.

With the list in my hand, I made the order online and when I had everything, I took the tablet and the guide and went into my man cave, as my wife calls it.Modular Backyard Power Plant Review

I was expecting to be in there for a long time. After all, I was building a generator. To my surprise, I was done in one day. But I do have to say the videos helped me quite a lot. It was like looking over Ron’s shoulder and following him every step of the way. I had no doubt as to which part goes where or anything like that.

As soon as I finished this module, which is called the 3-Day Blackout Power Plant, I took it for a test drive. I didn’t test it for 3 days straight, but I did run my fridge with no problem and charged my phone and laptop.Modular Backyard Power Plant Review

This first module is supposed to cover the basic needs of a long-term blackout. The second one is called One Week Blackout Power Plant and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to have it ready, just in case. The last blackout I’ve been through lasted about five days.

So I ordered the materials and started to put together this second module. I think it took longer to place the order than to assemble it all. This time I didn’t even use the videos, I followed the instructions from the physical guide. It’s a shame I didn’t time everything, but I don’t think it took more than half an hour.

I’ve tested this one with the fridge, TV, and microwave. Guess what, they all worked.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need module three, so I didn’t bother with it. But I can say this is a generator you’d better have in your house.

For me, this is a great find and I’m thrilled to have one on my property, for just-in-case situations or everyday use. I do recommend it to you if you want to become more independent and you don’t want to rely on the power grid. And in case of a blackout, you’ll never be at the mercy of some power company or waiting in a long line for a few gallons of gas.

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