New Strain Of Monkeypox Discovered In Africa Has “Pandemic Potential”

by Tommy Grant

A new mutant strain of monkeypox with “pandemic potential” has been found in a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country in Africa.  The virus is a descendant of the deadlier clade 1 monkey pox strain but has evolved to become even more infectious and better at evading tests than its predecessor.

Now called mpox in order to be politically correct, this virus is said to spreading and has mutated into something that could potentially become another pandemic.

Researchers: The Monkeypox Virus Is “Mutating”

The concerning discovery was made in Kamituga, which is a poor, densely populated gold mining town that is feared to be ripe for an explosive outbreak. So far there have been 108 cases. Researchers who detailed the virus in a pre-print have called for “urgent measures” to contain the virus and avoid a global outbreak, according to a report by The Daily Mail UK. 

At the height of the mpox outbreak in 2022, the United States was reporting nearly 500 new daily cases of the virus, This disease can cause severely painful rashes and, in a small percentage of cases, death. But developed nations quickly stamped out the outbreak with effective testing and vaccines, according to a report by Vox. In May 2023, the World Health Organization declared the global mpox emergency over.

Researchers are calling for urgent measures to prevent this new mutation from becoming the next pandemic. “Without intervention, this localized Kamituga outbreak harbors the potential to spread nationally and internationally,” the authors wrote. “Given the recent history of mpox outbreaks in DRC, we advocate for swift action by endemic countries and the international community to avert another global mpox outbreak,” they added.

The tightly mobile population of Kamituga could be the perfect breeding ground for this virus to spread quickly and become global.

These “experts” have unsurprisingly called for mass vaccination; the rollout of vaccines and drugs, heightened surveillance, and contact tracing measures to be deployed in the area. If this spreads, medical tyranny could be upon us once again.

This strain of mpox is also more deadly. For the past year, the DRC has been struggling to contain a version of the virus known as “clade 1”, which kills up to 10 percent of those infected. The new mutant strain – named “clade 1b”, appears to be just as deadly. Of the 108 cases, there have been two deaths.

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