Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish Store

by Tommy Grant

If you are preparing for an emergency, disaster, or simply choosing to live off the grid, is important to know that supplies are available to use without power, and where to find these supplies.

One group of people who have a reputation for being skilled at prepping for those situations and having the necessary supplies are the Amish.

The Amish have a very simple lifestyle, meaning they are often without electricity or modern technology. As a result, they have created some unique skills and products that can be useful in emergencies.

In this article, we will explore a few supplies that you may want to have on hand and can be found at Amish stores. The quality of these items found within the Amish community is often high quality and made to last.

Hand-Cranked Grain Mills

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreIn an emergency, access to food is essential.

If the power goes out, many modern appliances become useless, even if you have a full supply of grains to survive on.

That’s where hand-cranked grain mills come in.

These machines allow you to grind the grains you have into flour, even if there is no electricity.

The Amish are known for excellent hand-crafted grain mills, which are often made from quality materials such as cast iron. These are useful for living off the grid, but also great for those who simply want to make their flour at home.

Oil Lamps

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreIf your power goes out, or you don’t have power to begin with, you need a source of light.

Sure, flashlights and candles can help, but they both have drawbacks. Flashlights require batteries, which can run out quickly if you even have them on hand. And, candles are a fire hazard.

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However, oil lamps are a great alternative. They use oil as fuel, which is inexpensive and fairly easy to store. Plus, they can burn for hours on a single tank of oil. Amish stores often carry a variety of oil lamps, from simple designs to more ornate ones.

Mason Jars

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreMason jars are a supply item that can be used for a variety of purposes.

They can be used for canning, storing dry goods, or even as a drinking vessel.

Having a supply of mason jars in various sizes can be incredibly useful in a prepper’s life.

They can be used to store food, water, and small supplies such as nails or nuts and bolts.

Sure, they can be found elsewhere, but the Amish stores often carry a wide variety of quality mason jars, including different sizes and styles.

Non-Electric Kitchen Tools

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreWithout power, many modern kitchen tools are useless. However, the Amish have been living without the luxury of power for many years.

As a result, they have created and developed a wide variety of kitchen tools that don’t require power and are both functional and durable.

Some examples include: hand-cranked blenders, butter churns, apple peelers. mixers, nut roasters, coffee grinder, meat grinder, juice press.

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These tools can be useful not only in emergencies but also for those who want to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle by living off the grid.

Wood Stoves

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreYou will probably eventually need to heat and without electricity during colder months, that can be difficult.

Gas-powered heaters can work.

However, they require a steady supply of fuel, which may be hard to come by in an emergency or living off the grid for a while.

However, wood stoves can burn a variety of materials, such as wood, paper, or cardboard. They are also much more efficient than open fires, which can quickly consume large amounts of fuel or become dangerous in high winds.

Wood stoves are also beneficial for cooking without power. In addition to heating, they are also a great option for cooking without power. And, they can both cook and be a source of heat at the same time.

Quality wood stoves can be difficult to find, but not at the Amish stores. They often carry a nice selection of wood stoves to choose from, including traditional and modern designs.

Horse-Drawn Carriages

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreWhile not exactly a prepping supply, horse-drawn carriages can be incredibly useful in an emergency or living off-grid.

They don’t require fuel to operate, and they can navigate some areas that cars cannot.

In addition, carriages can be used to transport supplies or people if necessary.

If you are going to be living off the grid for a long period, you might want to consider this as a way to help you with moving heavy items.

Water Gear

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreWater is the most important resource people need daily, even when they are not off-grid.

However, without electricity, it might be difficult to have continuous water.

But, a hand-operated pump can help provide water.

Look for a high-quality water pump at an Amish store so you can have access to water for showers, laundry, cooking, and drinking water. It will also provide water to keep a garden going.

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These hand-operated water pumps can be hooked up to an existing well. Make sure to also grab any pipes or fittings to help with the project. Also, you should have containers on hand for storing and transporting water.


Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreHaving a wood stove will certainly help with keeping warm, but it might not always be enough, or you might be out of supplies to keep the stove running.

So, you might need an alternative.

Blankets are useful, but they aren’t always the best at providing warmth.

Quilts, on the other hand, are often made with warmth in mind, not just beauty or sentiment. And nobody knows how to do quilts better than the Amish community.

Sewing Machine

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreWhile you might not have sewing on your mind with prepping, if you are off the grid for a long time, it might come in handy to have something to help with it. It could be as simple as repairing torn clothing, or it could help in making more shelter.

But, how do you operate a typical sewing machine, without power? You don’t.

But, the Amish have sewn for years without electricity. They typically make their clothing and then repair it as needed versus buying new clothes, by using a foot pedal sewing machine, or hand sewing.

Either way, the Amish stores will have the right supplies to be able to sew without electricity.

Non-Electric Tools

Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish StoreBeing off-grid will lead to plenty of circumstances where you will need to build or repair something, such as your shelter, a fence to keep livestock in, or a chicken coop. There are many various situations that you will need tools.

But, many tools are now operated with either electricity or large batteries.

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The Amish have been building and repairing forever and without power. So, they have a wide selection of tools that don’t require power. And, they make these tools to last. You will find high-quality tools at the Amish stores.


Prepping Items You Should Get From the Amish Store And, we can’t write an article about surviving off the grid with Amish goods, without mentioning food.

Many people wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some Amish meals or treats. However, since we are focusing on prepping and survival, the foods below are also focusing on it as well.

The ‘Superweed’ That Saved Large Amish Communities During The Great Depression

Take a look at a few areas that the Amish excel in with survival food…

  • Canned Goods: Sure, any grocery store will carry canned goods. But, just like the tools and other items mentioned earlier, the Amish create quality items to last off the grid, because that is what they have done for decades. Food is no different.
  • Sorghum: Sweet sorghum (also known as sorghum molasses) is considered to be the number one sweetener to have on hand in a survival situation. It is grown within Amish communities across America and is an excellent source of minerals. And, rumor has it some people can survive simply on 1 tablespoon of sweet sorghum dissolved in a glass of water for a long time.
  • Dehydrated Foods: Again, yes this can be found in various stores. But, the quality is most likely sub-par compared to what you will find at the Amish stores.
  • Preserved Meats: In the Amish community, livestock are often slaughtered through the winter. What is not consumed right away is often cured and smoked, canned, then boiled in the jar in the canning process, cooking completely. That would eliminate the need to cook or reheat it when opening it later. So, it’s an excellent option for a prepping or survival kit.

These are just a few ideas of what you should look for at an Amish store. They typically have a wide variety of items that will be very helpful in living off the grid. And, they are made to last. Next time you go past an Amish store, stop in and take a look.

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