Russia Should Inflict “Maximum Damage” On The West

by Tommy Grant

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has said that Moscow should inflict “maximum damage” on the West. He added that Western nations have declared a “war without rules” on Russia.

”Are they afraid that we would transfer our arms to the enemies of the Western world? We should send every kind of weapon, except nuclear (for now)!” Medvedev wrote on social media. “Are they afraid of anarchy and crime waves in large cities? We should help disrupt their municipal authorities!” Russia’s ruling class continues to assert that every weakness of the United States and its allies should be exploited in order to undermine them and obstruct life for their citizens. The Russian official said on Thursday, that he was reacting to the latest round of sanctions announced by Washington earlier this week.

U.S. Announces More Sanctions Of Russia

Moscow should “obliterate their energy infrastructure, industry, transport, banking, and social services. Instil fear over an imminent collapse of all critical infrastructure,” according to Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chair of the Russian Security Council. He shouldn’t have to try too hard to make that happen. The U.S. ruling class is already doing all of those things to its slaves citizens.

But Medvedev added that Russia could also trigger a war in space, wage a psychological warfare campaign against Western citizens so that they “tremble under blankets in their cozy homes” and unleash a tsunami of fake news “to turn their life into a never-ending nightmare, in which they cannot distinguish reality from the wildest fiction.”

But that’s already happening without Russia even trying. The slave class is being systematically brainwashed and propagandized with fear from their own masters, so it looks like Russia has a head start if this is truly its plan.

There Are Only Downsides to Prolonging the War in Ukraine

Tensions continue to rise as war rhetoric and warnings from all sides are being blasted toward the slave class; the ones who will be expected to die in these wars.


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