Soon There Will Be No Farms (It’s Part of ‘Their Terrifying Plan’)

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by Dr. Vernon Coleman at 

The innocent and the naïve believe that everything is happening by accident. Farmers around the world seem constantly bewildered and confused by policies and decisions that are designed to please the enthusiasts, calling for the closure of farms in order to appease the psychopaths calling for net zero. In an article in a British magazine (which, like others, seems to have fallen for the Green myths with all the mindless commitment of a teenager in love) one leading Green academic recently said ‘Farming has no option – it will have to be sustainable, otherwise it will not be sustained’ and there were doubtless many Green heads nodding though I confess I was merely left puzzled.

Confused farmers describe new government policies as vindictive, senseless, cruel, destructive, insane, bureaucratic, dangerous and just plain bewildering. Farmers are encouraged to follow ‘biodynamic’ farming methods whereby herbal and mineral preparations are used together with an astronomical calendar to guide sowing and harvesting dates. (I’m not kidding.) Nowhere is there more incomprehensive jargon than there now is intruding into the world of farming. Many farmers have been pressured into supporting the absurd re-wilding programme which is promoted with such enthusiasm by the climate change believers. The conspirators’ plan is to reduce the amount of land available for growing food in order to create food shortages, starvation, and a consequent, inevitable reduction in the size of the global population. The aim is to allow between a third and a half of all land to go wild. Even parks are being allowed to grow wild, and gardeners are encouraged to let their grass grow throughout the summer. Re-wilding is leading to grass being left long and uncut on verges, in public places, and in private gardens.

So what’s the underlying reason? (They always have a reason.) Well, long and uncut grass will dramatically increase the spread of ticks and the incidence of Lyme Disease. It will also increase the number of people bitten by adders. If you don’t see an adder and you tread on it then it will probably bite you. And all that long grass will dramatically increase the amount of hay fever. Plus, long, uncut grass on road verges and traffic islands makes road accidents far more likely. Re-wilding is part of the plan to make everyone miserable, ruin everyone’s health, make money for the drug companies, and kill a few people.

In order to ensure that neither farmers nor members of the public encroach on land that has been set aside for rewilding (and the first re-wilding program was introduced by the European Union some years ago in a scheme which was called ‘set aside’) wild animals are being released. In England, for example, bison, water buffalo, wild boar, and beavers have been introduced with predictably disastrous results. The naïve assume that if the land is left uncared for, fields will become wildflower meadows, full of daisies, tulips, forget-me-nots, snapdragons, violets, and other wonderful delights. In reality, of course, fields that are abandoned to the re-wilding scheme simply become a chaotic and unpleasant mixture of nettles, brambles, dock, and giant hogweed with outbreaks of Japanese knotweed growing rapidly over the years to come.

Today, most farmers see their problems occurring as a result of stupidity, ignorance, or a failure to understand their needs. But what is happening to them is nothing to do with stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand – it’s all deliberate and quite cold-blooded. More and more European countries are now dependent on imports for most of their food and energy supplies. And most of our food will be made in factories owned by billionaires.

The bottom line, vital to remember, is that nothing is happening by accident or by coincidence.

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