The 10 Best Prepper FSA-Eligible Items

by Tommy Grant

If you are scrambling to use up your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account funds by the end of the year, don’t leave money on the table! Boost your preparedness with prepper FSA-eligible gear that can help you in emergencies.

Of course, OTC and prescription medications are eligible and great to stock up on- but what about the rest? Plenty of medical and preparedness gear are also eligible, making it a good idea to stock up before you drop any ‘use it or lose it’ funds.

We went ahead and listed the best FSA-eligible items for preppers (beyond medications) in order of cost.

Digital Thermometer

A thermometer may not be off your radar, but it’s good to have multiples. They have become even cheaper since mass production through the pandemic and are one of the least expensive things on our list.

This one with the flexible tip makes it easy to reach into plenty of areas- mouth, armpit, etc. to get a good reading at any angle.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen

Many people don’t realize that sunscreen is FSA/HSA eligible. It’s also the perfect time of year to stock up, as they are on sale throughout most of the winter.

Sunscreen is often overlooked when it comes to prepping and survival, but it is an important part of many types of survival kits and loadouts.

3M N95 Masks

Stock up on N95s now that the pandemic is over. They are still useful for future pandemics, particulate protection, and prepper projects around the house.

This 20-pack is on sale, making them a pretty good deal to use the rest of your HSA funds on.

Band-Aid Skin Flex Bandages

Band-Aids are first aid kit staples, but it’s a lot easier to stomach the cost of upgraded Band-Aids when you are using FSA funds about to expire.

These skin-flex models hold on through thick and thin- making them great for survival kits, putting on joints, and for active people.

DripDrop Electrolyte Powder

We reviewed electrolyte powder not that long ago and came up with this as the top pick, so it’s nice to see that it is FSA-eligible.

When you become dehydrated or want to stave off dehydration, you need something that works fast and DripDrop will get you there.

Clozex Laceration Closures

This three-pack of sutureless wound closures makes tackling deep wounds easier.

They are much easier to use than a suture kit and don’t require practice or training.

Grab them here and spread the 3-pack across your first aid kits:

PowerStep Work Support Insoles

Revitalize your old shoes, or outfit your new survival boots with supportive insoles.

Some brands are not FSA eligible, but PowerStep is so that makes them worth considering if you need some quality and supportive insoles.

Swiss Safe First Aid Kit

The basic first aid hard case is a staple for car kits and your home. It’s never fun to spend money on something that sits on the shelf, even if it is 348 pieces.

To soften the blow, it’s FSA and HSA approved, so you can spend your use it or lose it funds on one.

It’s also a great gift for anyone who needs a first aid kit starting point, and it’s nice that it’s on sale as well:

MyMedic Recon Medical Kit

A medical backpack with plenty of versatile gear isn’t hard to find, but this one is chock full of quality essentials.

It’s no surprise that it is FSA/HSA eligible since it is a full first aid kit- but it’s nice that it comes in a quality bag and is organized with survival in mind.

It’s on sale right now, which always helps:

Uncharted Supply Premade Bug Out Bag

Yep, you can get an entire pre-made bug out bag with FSA funds (usually- check with your provider). Uncharted Supply has a list of FSA-eligible gear on its site, making it easy to get great gear with leftover funds.

This kit is no dog either- it earned our upgrade pick when we reviewed premade bug out bags, and it can help you get prepared quickly with quality gear.

It also helps that it’s currently on sale, further stretching your dollars:

Jase Medical Ready Pack

If you have plenty of money left over, consider getting an emergency antibiotics kit. It requires filling out a questionnaire and meeting with a teladoc, so you’ll need to jump on this one to get your order in before the year ends.

As the top pick in our antibiotic kit review, it’s a great prep that everyone could use that becomes an even better value when you use at-risk FSA funds.

Scherber Fully-Stocked EMT Kit

An EMT kit covers all the bases and comes in an organized, durable duffle. Tackle every emergency with the confidence of a first responder with over 250 types of gear to assist with a huge range of medical emergencies.

With this kit, all you’ll need is to be sure you’re trained to use all of the gear inside as you’ll have plenty of resources.

The Final Word

Okay, we went a bit past 10 suggestions, but there are plenty of things to stock up on before you drop tax-free money at the end of the year. Make sure you check with your provider on specific eligibility and timelines- some of them offer rollover into the next year.

Here are some other lists and guides our readers have found helpful:

We hope you have a great Christmas, and get to spend plenty of time with your friends and family. We are looking forward to getting back to some nuts and bolts articles about prepping.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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